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Chris Pereji playing tabla drums with apprentice Nisha Purushotham. Photo by Maggie Holtzberg.

Traditional Arts Apprenticeships

Funding List

Fiscal Year 2023 Total: $180,000


Name City/Town Grant
Aimaiti (Ablikim) Abulikemu (Emet) Lexington $10,000

for an apprenticeship with Munawwar Abdulla to teach Uyghur calligraphy, a historically significant traditional art form with over a dozen styles.

Andre R. Gaines Grafton $10,000

for an apprenticeship with Nazario Daishuan to teach traditional brain-tanning, paddle-making, wampum, and other crafts, via oral tradition.

Beth Bahia Cohen Watertown $10,000

for an apprenticeship with Rebecca MacInnes to teach the violin in traditional Greek music, both repertoire and improvisation.

Chris Pantazelos Lowell $10,000

for an apprenticeship with Jesse Collins to teach lutherie, construction, and restoration of traditional and ethnic string instruments.

Isaura Oliveira Boston $10,000

for an apprenticeship with Brittany Owens to teach Samba Traditional do Recôncavo da Bahia, Brasil.

John J. Abarta Stoughton $10,000

for an apprenticeship with Eva Meier to teach the traditional art form of the uilleann pipes, the national bagpipe of Ireland.

Jorge L. Santiago-Arce Boston $10,000

for an apprenticeship with Sandra Marcelino to teach Bomba and Plena: African Retention in Puerto Rico; North, West and South-East African ancients roots

Judy Bressler Sharon $10,000

for an apprenticeship with Adah Hetko to teach Yiddish song tradition and Yiddish dance leading.

Karen Young Boston $10,000

for an apprenticeship with Micah Rose to teach Taiko as it has developed in a North American context with roots in the Asian American movement.

Laurel Martin Westford $10,000

for an apprenticeship with Fern Tamagini-O’Donnell to teach regional styles of traditional Irish fiddling.

Ling Chu Boston $10,000

for an apprenticeship with Abby Lin to teach Long ribbon dance of Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618) about one though five hundred years ago.

Paul Rishell Newton $10,000

for an apprenticeship with Ira Klein to teach Country Blues repertoire and guitar techniques invented by African-American songwriters in the 1920s.

Sharon Correnty Pepperell $10,000

for an apprenticeship with Christine Brown to teach quilting utilizing fabric that has been naturally dyed through the growing and harvesting of plants.

Stelvyn Mirabal Lawrence $10,000

for an apprenticeship to teach Leonardo Mirabal Dominican Carnival traditions (including parade, mask-making and costumes).

Sunanda Sahay Acton $10,000

for an apprenticeship with Anjana Bhargava to teach Mithila painting, an ancient art form practiced by rural women near the Indian border with Nepal.

Urmi Samadar Belmont $10,000

for an apprenticeship with Nandini Lal to teach Kathak, a North Indian classical dance that emphasizes footwork, pirouettes, and improvisation.

Vincent Crotty Boston $10,000

for an apprenticeship with Lori Greene to teach traditional sign painting, Celtic knot work, and decorative painting from Ireland.

Zhonghe (Elena) Li Cambridge $10,000

for an apprenticeship with Jayson Wang to teach Chinese traditional papercutting with a pair of scissors.

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