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Crazy Eights Salvaged wood from natural disasters (2018) by Laura Petrovich-Cheney, (Crafts Fellow ’21).

Cultural Sector Pandemic Recovery Grants for Individuals

Funding List

Fiscal Year 2023 Total: $20,000,000

Recovery Grants for Individuals

Name Discipline City/Town Grant
Cleefton Jean Visual Arts Boston $5,000
Cleo Brigham Interdisciplinary Somerville $5,000
Clifford Madru Music Ludlow $5,000
Clint Porte Media Arts Chicopee $5,000
coco rosenberg Multidisciplinary Newton $5,000
Colette Bresilla Visual Arts Somerville $5,000
Colgan B. Johnson Media Arts Boston $5,000
Colleen Gerossie Music Lowell $5,000
Colleen Hall Other Boston $5,000
Colleen MacRamos Photography New Bedford $5,000
Collene M. Meyer-Barton Crafts Tisbury $5,000
Connie Chang Other Boston $5,000
Connor Noll Photography Boston $5,000
Connor Ricks Visual Arts Leominster $5,000
Connor Vigeant Music Watertown $5,000
Connor Woodbury Music Worcester $5,000
Conor Pickett Visual Arts Lynn $5,000
Conrad Cid Music Boston $5,000
Constance DAndrea Crafts Sandisfield $5,000
Cordelia Moye Media Arts Boston $5,000
Corey Depina Music Revere $5,000
Corey Koehler Design Arts Newton $5,000
Corey Laitman Music Montague $5,000
Corey Rodrigues Other Ashland $5,000
Corey Spingel Music Malden $5,000
Coriander Dimitrios Music Concord $5,000
Corinne McKeown Visual Arts Newburyport $5,000
Cornell W. Coley Music Boston $5,000
Courtney Cullen Visual Arts Amherst $5,000
Courtney Jordan Visual Arts Amesbury $5,000
Courtney M Thomas Literature Boston $5,000
Courtney Stock Visual Arts Brookline $5,000
Courtney Tanner Visual Arts Salem $5,000
Craig Jackson Music Boston $5,000
Craig Sutton Other Framingham $5,000
Crissy Liu Community-based Arts Malden $5,000
Cristiano Lourenço Jr Theatre Worcester $5,000
Crystal Bi Wegner Multidisciplinary Boston $5,000
Crystal Prater Crafts Cambridge $5,000
Crystal Valentine Literature Boston $5,000
Curt Curtin Literature Auburn $5,000
Curwyn Henry Photography Worcester $5,000
Cyndy Doll Theatre Newton $5,000
Cynthia Bargar Literature Provincetown $5,000
Cynthia Fisher Visual Arts Charlemont $5,000
Cynthia L. Mclaughlin Dance Colrain $5,000
Cynthia Rawson Visual Arts Dudley $5,000
Cynthia Swan Community-based Arts Springfield $5,000
Cynthia Wade Theatre Boston $5,000
Cyrille Vincent N. Ndomakette Samba Media Arts Worcester $5,000
Cyrus Alexander Media Arts Worcester $5,000
D. Christopher Lenaerts Other Buckland $5,000
D. Orxata Multidisciplinary Arlington $5,000
D.N. Multidisciplinary Chelsea $5,000
D’Lanor Harris Dance New Bedford $5,000
Da’Anna Berment Crafts Boston $5,000
Dai Ban Visual Arts Alford $5,000
Daisy Hernandez Visual Arts Arlington $5,000
Daisy Patton Visual Arts South Hadley $5,000
Dakari Emmanuel-Rainey Multidisciplinary Brockton $5,000
Dale Silva Multidisciplinary Lowell $5,000
Damali Willingham Music Boston $5,000
Damaris Calderon Community-based Arts Malden $5,000
Damian Cote Visual Arts Holyoke $5,000
Damian Gaetano Music Haverhill $5,000
Damian Lugay Music Weymouth $5,000
Damien Paul Dong Visual Arts Quincy $5,000
Damon Singletary Theatre Cambridge $5,000
Dan Bui Music Boston $5,000
Dan Flonta Music Barnstable $5,000
Dan MacAlpine Literature Ipswich $5,000
Dan Marshall Dance Brookline $5,000
Dan Powers Photography Dennis $5,000
Dana Barnes Visual Arts Fall River $5,000
Dana Chandler Visual Arts Boston $5,000
Dana Filloon Music Beverly $5,000
Dana Fitchett Dance Boston $5,000
Dana Forsythe Community-based Arts Marshfield $5,000
Dana Quigley Photography Salem $5,000
Dana-Zoe Gest Interdisciplinary Chelsea $5,000
Dane Cardella-Porcello Multidisciplinary Northampton $5,000
Dani Schmidt Visual Arts Holyoke $5,000
DaNice Marshall Visual Arts Braintree $5,000
Daniel Babai Music Melrose $5,000
Daniel Ben-Ayun Community-based Arts Boston $5,000
Daniel Bermingham Music Milford $5,000
Daniel Bourgeois Visual Arts Leominster $5,000
Daniel Callahan Multidisciplinary Boston $5,000
Daniel Chapman Visual Arts Lynn $5,000
Daniel E. Speers Literature Haverhill $5,000
Daniel Foley Multidisciplinary Boston $5,000
Daniel Gaines Design Arts Edgartown $5,000
Daniel Gay Music Worcester $5,000
Daniel Gomez Visual Arts Boston $5,000
Daniel Gostin Music Brookline $5,000
Daniel Igbokwe Music Boston $5,000
Daniel Jacobs Media Arts Watertown $5,000
Daniel Kennedy Music Amherst $5,000
Daniel King Music Gloucester $5,000
Daniel Kirouac Music Westminster $5,000
Daniel Laurent Music Boston $5,000
Daniel Llata Other Provincetown $5,000
Daniel Milligan Music Watertown $5,000
Daniel OConnor Visual Arts North Adams $5,000
Daniel Ortiz, Jr. Media Arts Worcester $5,000
Daniel Peart Music Everett $5,000
Daniel Radin Music Watertown $5,000
Daniel Revallion Music Norwood $5,000
Daniel Rodriguez Opera/Musical Theatre Somerville $5,000
Daniel Rosario Music Fitchburg $5,000
Daniel Ryan Music Brookline $5,000
Daniel Saintival Multidisciplinary Waltham $5,000
Daniel Say Music Revere $5,000
Daniel Serrano Garcia Multidisciplinary Boston $5,000
Daniel T. Cohen Music Windsor $5,000
Daniel Valencia Media Arts Everett $5,000
Daniel Villanueva Visual Arts Boston $5,000
Daniel Walker Music Winchendon $5,000
Daniel Washington Theatre Fall River $5,000
Danielle Amodeo Interdisciplinary Northampton $5,000
Danielle Cunningham Community-based Arts Boston $5,000
Danielle Dominguez Music Somerville $5,000
Danielle Francois Photography Lynn $5,000
Danielle Galligan Literature Needham $5,000
Danielle Greendeer Community-based Arts Barnstable $5,000
Danielle Kelly Design Arts Boston $5,000
Danilo Bonina Music Watertown $5,000
Danny Canton II Multidisciplinary Chelsea $5,000
Dante Miller Visual Arts Boston $5,000
Dante Patterson Other Boston $5,000
Dara Adams -Smith Music Northampton $5,000
Dara Herman-Zierlein Visual Arts Northampton $5,000
Darcie Sosa Other Dalton $5,000
Dariana Guerrero Literature Lawrence $5,000
Darin Alch Music Brookline $5,000
Darlene Savage Visual Arts Springfield $5,000
Darline Harris Theatre Boston $5,000
Darnel Joseph Music Quincy $5,000
Darnell Brown Dance Lawrence $5,000
Darren Kersey Theatre Boston $5,000
Darris Walker Media Arts Boston $5,000
Darrius Johnson Media Arts Springfield $5,000
Darryl Babb Music Boston $5,000
Daryl Brown Media Arts Boston $5,000
Dāshaun Washington Literature Northampton $5,000
Daudi Jaja (D.J.) Seitu Interdisciplinary Boston $5,000
Dave Ortega Visual Arts Somerville $5,000
Dave Russo Other Hatfield $5,000
David Adriance Theatre Salem $5,000
David Alexis Music Boston $5,000

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