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Crazy Eights Salvaged wood from natural disasters (2018) by Laura Petrovich-Cheney, (Crafts Fellow ’21).

Cultural Sector Pandemic Recovery Grants for Individuals

Funding List

Fiscal Year 2023 Total: $20,000,000

Recovery Grants for Individuals

Name Discipline City/Town Grant
Amanda McSweeney-Geehan Literature Leominster $5,000
Amanda O’Donnell Theatre Bedford $5,000
Amanda Pachios Music Holyoke $5,000
Amanda Quinby Multidisciplinary Easthampton $5,000
Amanda Santerre Visual Arts Worcester $5,000
Amanda Shea Multidisciplinary Boston $5,000
Amanda Torres Community-based Arts Malden $5,000
Amanda Travassos Visual Arts Fall River $5,000
Amaryllis Lopez Interdisciplinary Lawrence $5,000
Amber Hayes Multidisciplinary West Tisbury $5,000
Amber Ladley Crafts South Hadley $5,000
Amber O’Neil Other Rehoboth $5,000
Amber Orlando Humanities West Bridgewater $5,000
Amber Pearcy Multidisciplinary Boston $5,000
Amber Vistein Opera/Musical Theatre Cambridge $5,000
Amber Wilmore-Hurley Photography Northampton $5,000
Ambrojah Williams Visual Arts Dedham $5,000
Ambrose Toekulah Photography Worcester $5,000
Amelia Leonards Visual Arts Gloucester $5,000
AMENATA BOTUS Visual Arts Dedham $5,000
Amina Jordan Community-based Arts Holyoke $5,000
Amir Tabatabaei Visual Arts Watertown $5,000
Amy Adams Visual Arts Franklin $5,000
Amy Bernstein Literature Worcester $5,000
Amy Borezo Crafts Orange $5,000
Amy Burns Dance Attleboro $5,000
Amy Chin Crafts Boston $5,000
Amy Coon Multidisciplinary North Adams $5,000
Amy Coyne Visual Arts Hinsdale $5,000
Amy Hoffman Music Medford $5,000
Amy Johnquest Visual Arts Holyoke $5,000
Amy Kerr Visual Arts Gloucester $5,000
Amy Lake Multidisciplinary Springfield $5,000
Amy Lee Music Groton $5,000
Amy McGlothlin Music Fitchburg $5,000
Amy Podlenski Interdisciplinary Greenfield $5,000
Amy Ragus Visual Arts Walpole $5,000
Amy Ross Visual Arts Watertown $5,000
Amy Vander Els Other Amesbury $5,000
Amy Wong Folk/Traditional Arts Monterey $5,000
Amy Xotyeni Dance Lawrence $5,000
Amyas Bolden-McKnight Humanities Methuen $5,000
Ana Colon Community-based Arts Boston $5,000
Ana dos Santos Visual Arts Peabody $5,000
Ana Perez-Robles Multidisciplinary Worcester $5,000
Anamaria Balbino Music Medford $5,000
Anastasia O’Melveny Visual Arts Watertown $5,000
Andre Perez Multidisciplinary Boston $5,000
Andre Wright Jr Media Arts Braintree $5,000
Andrea Dezso Visual Arts Amherst $5,000
Andrea J. Catalano Photography Boston $5,000
Andrea Leahy Literature Quincy $5,000
Andrea Muñiz Dance Boston $5,000
Andrea Payne Literature Boston $5,000
Andrea Taylor-Blenis Dance Arlington $5,000
andrea tuse Other Barnstable $5,000
Andres Calderon Photography Lynn $5,000
Andres Castillo Visual Arts Quincy $5,000
Andres Lopez Folk/Traditional Arts Chelsea $5,000
Andrew “Miles” Horn “Wilder” Music Somerville $5,000
Andrew Andraos Opera/Musical Theatre Boston $5,000
Andrew Budwey Music Quincy $5,000
Andrew Cass Music Northampton $5,000
Andrew Fitch Community-based Arts North Adams $5,000
Andrew Hoffman Literature Brookline $5,000
Andrew J. Moerlein Visual Arts Maynard $5,000
Andrew Keefe Photography Worcester $5,000
Andrew Leonard Multidisciplinary Cambridge $5,000
Andrew M. Green Literature Natick $5,000
Andrew Moser Literature Topsfield $5,000
Andrew Ortega Visual Arts Haverhill $5,000
Andrew P. Comeau Visual Arts Andover $5,000
Andrew Padgett Music Belmont $5,000
Andrew Selzer Dance Somerville $5,000
Andrew Sentongo Media Arts Peabody $5,000
Andrew Smith Music Amesbury $5,000
Andrew Twyman Media Arts Methuen $5,000
Andrey Borzykin Music Watertown $5,000
Andromeda Lisle Visual Arts Cambridge $5,000
Andy Li Visual Arts Cambridge $5,000
Aneshia Savino Interdisciplinary New Bedford $5,000
Aneudy Salcedo Design Arts Woburn $5,000
Ang Roell Multidisciplinary Montague $5,000
Angel Garcia Molinero Dance Brookline $5,000
Angel Javier Camilo Music Boston $5,000
Angel M. Wagner Music Beverly $5,000
Angela Ales Visual Arts Lowell $5,000
Angela Dickerson Dance Boston $5,000
Angela Dogani Theatre Brookline $5,000
Angela Mack Media Arts Springfield $5,000
Angela Ortiz Music Worcester $5,000
Angela Owens Community-based Arts Cambridge $5,000
Angela Rowlings Photography Boston $5,000
Angela Zammarelli Visual Arts Easthampton $5,000
Angelena Hightower Music Stoughton $5,000
Angelica Fermaintt Dance Holyoke $5,000
Angelica Pinna-Perez Multidisciplinary Lowell $5,000
Angelique Webster Media Arts Worcester $5,000
Angelo Stifano Photography Revere $5,000
Angie Chatman Literature Boston $5,000
Angie Tyler Music Boston $5,000
ani araguz Visual Arts Malden $5,000
Ani Rivera Interdisciplinary Northampton $5,000
Anibal Cruz-Cesar Music Revere $5,000
Anica Buckson Other Boston $5,000
Anita Dias Other Brockton $5,000
Anita Morson-Matra Community-based Arts Boston $5,000
Anita Vallabh Dance Milton $5,000
Anjalequa Birkett Literature Boston $5,000
Anjana Rajani Crafts Falmouth $5,000
Anjelica Parker Theatre Quincy $5,000
Ann K. Kerins Multidisciplinary Worcester $5,000
Ann Rainey Visual Arts Worcester $5,000
Ann Scott Visual Arts Adams $5,000
Ann-Marie Cochran Visual Arts Yarmouth $5,000
Ann-Marie Iacoviello Opera/Musical Theatre Malden $5,000
Anna Bodell Multidisciplinary Watertown $5,000
Anna Brahms Visual Arts South Hadley $5,000
Anna Brevetti Theatre Somerville $5,000
Anna Espinal Crafts Lynn $5,000
Anna Harris Music Boston $5,000
Anna Koon Visual Arts Boston $5,000
Anna Lee Music Newton $5,000
Anna Olivella Photography Newton $5,000
Anna Pless Music Chester $5,000
Anna Seda Music Boston $5,000
Anna Slezak Interdisciplinary Greenfield $5,000
Annabella Jassy Music Taunton $5,000
Annaleah Gregoire Visual Arts Greenfield $5,000
Annalise Guidry Theatre Somerville $5,000
Anne Brown Visual Arts Beverly $5,000
Anne Edgerton Dance Wareham $5,000
Anne Essex Crafts Boston $5,000
Anne Ku Music Boston $5,000
Anne Marie Caldoza Music Belmont $5,000
Anne Rearick Photography Gloucester $5,000
Anne Tochka Visual Arts Barnstable $5,000
Anne V. Hernandez Multidisciplinary Boston $5,000
Annette Sykes Community-based Arts Lynn $5,000
Annie Prescott Folk/Traditional Arts Somerset $5,000
Annie Smidt Design Arts Salem $5,000
Annie Tiberio Other Amherst $5,000
Annielly Camargo Photography Waltham $5,000
Annierose Klingbeil Music Amherst $5,000
Annule Saint Juste Visual Arts Boston $5,000
Anselmo Vasquez-Paez Visual Arts Lynn $5,000
Anson Frazier Visual Arts Randolph $5,000
Anthony Abi-Saad Design Arts Middleborough $5,000
Anthony Barron Photography Boston $5,000
Anthony Brodeur Music Marlborough $5,000

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