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Credit Logos

Protect the Integrity of the Logo

The examples listed below point out how to avoid inconsistent usage or misuse
of the logo.

  • All logo file formats are outlined, locked, and cannot be altered.
  • The logo must be used with the required clearspace.
  • Do not create a grayscale version of the color logo. Use the supplied BW version instead.
  • Never combine the logo with any other text or imagery.
  • The logo may not be altered in any way. Never alter the mark/logotype proportion.
  • Never place the full-color logo on a pattern or rich colored background. On all other colors/patterns, use the knocked-out version instead.
  • Never alter or change the logo color palette.
  • Logo may only be knocked out in white on dark colors.
  • Scale the logo as a unit to retain the original proportions of the logo and its elements. Make sure to follow the minimum size requirements.

Download Mass Cultural Council Brand Guidelines

Download the Logo

Whenever possible use .eps files. Microsoft Office applications such as Word and PowerPoint do not support .eps files: use the .jpg or .png files instead.

Mass Cultural Council logo in color


Mass Cultural Council loog in black & white



Mass Cultural Council Logo with transparent background





  • CMYK knocked out black and white .eps for print *
  • RGB knocked out black and white .eps for digital *

* .eps files are available for download on dropbox

The complete selection of logo files is also available via dropbox

Questions? Contact Mass Cultural Council.

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