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The Grant Cycle

Grant Cycle Timeline

A broad overview of Local Cultural Council business throughout the year.


  • LCCs decide whether they will be offering Direct Grants or reimbursement grants.
  • LCCs must update their contact information and council profile details, including their local guidelines and priorities, indication of whether they make direct or reimbursement payments, etc. by August 31 in the grants management system.
  • LCCs publicize the grant program locally.
  • Mass Cultural Council notifies LCCs of their allocation amounts.
  • LCC members register and create accounts in the grants management system.


  • Application opens September 1.
  • Mass Cultural Council sends Municipal Fiscal Officers the LCC Account Form.
  • LCCs meet with Municipal Fiscal Officer to determine grant amount for fiscal year no later than September 30.
  • LCCs hold grant workshops.
  • LCCs publicize the grant cycle.
  • LCCs make sure to have at least five members appointed to their respective councils.

November – December

  • Grant applications must be submitted through the online system by the deadline, November 1 at 11:59pm (ET).
  • LCCs complete the Financial Report in the grants management system by November 1. This includes:
    • LCC Account Form
    • Calculating amount available for granting
  • LCCs generate their panel books in the grants management system and begin reviewing applications.
  • LCCs schedule voting meeting(s) to review applications and publicly post the meetings according to the Open Meeting Law.
  • LCCs conduct their grant cycle voting meetings.
  • LCCs send disapproval notifications immediately following voting meeting using the grants management system. (Denial letters must be sent by December 30 in order for the Grant Decision Report to be completed on time.)
  • LCCs handle any reconsideration requests. (Denied applicants may submit a reconsideration request within 15 days of receiving grant notification. Fifteen days must pass after sending denial notifications before sending out award letter.)
  • LCCs enter grant decisions and grant cycle voting meeting into the grants management system.


  • LCCs submit Grant Decision Report to Mass Cultural Council by February 1, 2022.
  • Council Program final reports from prior fiscal year due February 1, 2022.
  • Mass Cultural Council transfers funds to LCCs once annual reporting is completed.
  • LCCs send approval notifications and publicize grant awards once annual reporting is completed.
  • LCCs begin processing reimbursement requests or direct grants.


  • LCCs hold grant receptions and invite grantees, broader community, Mass Cultural Council program staff, and elected officials.
  • LCCs conduct community engagement.
  • LCCs update council priorities based on community input.
  • LCCs present the programs and individuals they have funded to the municipality.


  • LCCs process reimbursement requests.
  • LCCs ensure grant recipients properly credit and acknowledge Mass Cultural Council and LCC funding.
  • LCCs recruit new members as term limits approach.
  • LCCs attend grantee programs.

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