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Jonas Stundzia of Lawrence, wearing a crown of oak leaves

As we approach the summer solstice, a look back at a field trip to interview Jonas Stundzia of Lawrence, a second generation Lithuanian-American with extensive knowledge of Lithuanian food, culture, weaving, rituals, religion, and craft.

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Bob Mosher with a sandpiper decoy and Sadie, his American water spaniel.

A glimpse into a few of the folk arts traditions relating to the hunting, capturing, and celebration of fish and fowl that we presented as part of the 2019 Lowell Folk Festival.

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Noble & Cooley stacked drums

From toy drums to today’s premiere steam-bent drums made from locally sourced hardwoods, a family owned company in the Berkshires has stayed in business using good old Yankee ingenuity for 165 years! I credit Tim Lloyd, former executive director of the American Folklore Society, for introducing me to Noble & Cooley Drum Manufacturing Company.

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