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Boston Early Music Festival

Two-year operating support grants, designed to be the entry, or gateway, into the Cultural Investment Portfolio.

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Shyam Nepali performing at Holden Chapel.

An example of how we linked traditional artists with opportunities to perform or demonstrate at institutions of higher education.

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Backstage tour of Boston Ballet's Nutcracker. Image: Liza Voll Photography

A growing network of organizations that fully embrace accessibility systems and ideals, part of the Universal Participation Initiative.

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Theater Royal Plymouth program participants

A homeless man is curled up asleep on the grate by the theater. He’s there every night. Addicts hang out in the alley by the stage door. Theatergoers look away as they pass, annoyed by the intrusion on their lovely evening. Mandy Precious works at the theater. She doesn’t look away. She invites them in.

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