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FY22 Capital Spending Plan Invests $10M into Cultural Facilities

Bethann Steiner, Public Affairs Director

Interior of North Shore Arts Association of Gloucester
Interior of North Shore Arts Association of Gloucester

The Baker-Polito Administration released its FY22 Capital Spending Plan on June 14, providing for the Commonwealth’s capital needs in the coming fiscal year. Mass Cultural Council is thrilled to announce that for the seventh consecutive year the Administration has invested $10 million into the cultural sector through the Cultural Facilities Fund (CFF).

The Administration’s press release describes the FY22 Capital Plan as a $2.655 billion capital budget that makes substantial investments in critical priorities, including housing, transportation, climate resiliency, health and human services, and education, to promote economic growth and opportunity.

CFF, which Mass Cultural Council administers in partnership with MassDevelopment, provides major improvement grants to nonprofit, municipal, and higher education cultural facilities in recognition of their profound economic impact on communities across Massachusetts. Since 2006, the Fund has encouraged sound growth, supported important development projects, played a crucial role in the growth of local tourism, created 1000s of jobs, and driven millions of dollars in private investment. In May Mass Cultural Council and MassDevelopment announced the recipients of $9.1M in FY21 CFF grants.

In March Mass Cultural Council submitted testimony to Baker-Polito Administration seeking a $24 million investment for the cultural sector through the FY22 Capital Plan. While the plan funds new initiatives that encourage growth and strengthen the Commonwealth’s communities amid the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, it does not include $14 million in new COVID-related spending the Agency requested as a part of our Power of Culture Advocacy Campaign. Mass Cultural Council remains committed to advocating for additional COVID recovery resources to support the sector, and is grateful for the Administration’s continued support of the Cultural Facilities Fund.

It is anticipated that the FY22 CFF application period will open this fall. Follow the Agency on social media (@masscultural) or sign up for our monthly Power of Culture enewsletter for updates on this and all other grant programs, services, and events. You can also connect with our CFF Program Team, Jay Paget and Miranda Cook, with questions.

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