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Racial Equity Progress Report (Apr – May ’22)

Cheyenne Cohn-Postell, Program Officer

A quarterly report on our anti-racism work

an Indigenous-inspired mural of flowing colors framed by geometric shapes
‘Wakpa’ Wheatpaste Mural at Tufts University Art Gallery

In 2021, Mass Cultural Council launched a three-year Racial Equity Plan outlining some of the internal and external steps we will take to support and encourage an anti-racist cultural sector in the Commonwealth. As part of the plan, the Agency has committed to sharing our progress on this work each quarter:

April-May 2022 Racial Equity Work Highlights


  • Updating the Racial Equity Action Plan with timelines that reflect FY23 planning and the many steps we have already set in motion.
  • Continuing the Equity Audit of all grant programs with an emphasis on customer service and simplification.
  • Mass Cultural Council’s Instagram account showcases the racial diversity of our rich cultural sector in Massachusetts.


  • The Public Affairs team has produced a promotional clip about Mass Cultural Council to increase awareness of our programs and services in support of recruitment and visibility efforts.
  • Our Radio Partnerships are underway with spots currently running on WCRB, WBUR, WICN, WERS, and New England Public Radio.


  • Erin Genia, the BIPOC Outreach Coordinator working with the Indigenous community, is working with Public Affairs, the Commission on Indian Affairs, and the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe to plan an event to connect the Agency with the Native American community.
  • Catherine Cheng-Anderson, Director of People and Culture, has developed an Anti-Racism Policy intended to create organizational accountability around racism, racial discrimination, and retaliation; and to foster an anti-racist workplace that improves our workplace culture, makes it safer for people of color, and ensures the dignity of each member of our staff. To ensure alignment with like policies; the complaint process, and procedures mirror the Commonwealth’s Sexual Harassment Policy.

What’s Next?

  • The Cultural Equity Learning Community, run out of Arts Connect International, is developing a base-level anti-racism training that Mass Cultural Council will make available to the field for free in the coming months.
  • The Cultural Equity & Access team will be working on a nomination packet for NASAA’s Agency Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award. The award and monetary prize recognize an agency that demonstrates a robust commitment to supporting and advancing the work and values of diversity, equity and inclusion in their state.

Track on-going progress using our racial equity journey map.

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