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Massachusetts State House

An overwhelming, bipartisan majority of state legislators voted to override a veto of a budget increase to the Mass Cultural Council for the new fiscal year. The overrides set the agency’s FY19 state appropriation at $16 million, ensuring increased investment in nonprofit cultural organizations, communities, artists, school and youth programs statewide.

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Steven M. Rothstein, Executive Director of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, with Anita Walker in the Legacy Room of the JFK Museum.

Today we are celebrating a new budget. This is the Commonwealth’s investment, through the Mass Cultural Council, in innovation, inclusion, public service, global citizenship, and the arts. We are over the moon with joy that our elected leaders saw fit to substantially increase the financial resources available for this work by $2 million to a total of $18 million.

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Hyannis Hyarts Cultural District

An initiative to allow communities to create state-sponsored cultural districts to stimulate new arts and cultural activity and attract creative businesses

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