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Healey-Driscoll Administration Invests $10M in Cultural Facilities in FY24

Bethann Steiner, Senior Director of Public Affairs

Capital Spending Plan Provides $50M to the Cultural Facilities Fund Over 5 Years

Gallery in The Clark
Gallery inside the Sterling & Francine Clark Art Institute.

The Healey-Driscoll Administration released their first 5-year capital plan today, investing more than $14 billion over five years into various Commonwealth programs, projects, and initiatives. Mass Cultural Council welcomes the Governor’s support of the creative and cultural sector’s primary capital grant program, the Cultural Facilities Fund (CFF), in this plan. Thank you Governor Healey for pledging to invest $10M a year in the CFF during Fiscal Years 2024-2028.

The Governor’s policy brief notes:

Massachusetts is home to a wide array of historical and cultural sites. The richness of the Commonwealth’s history and culture not only strengthens our economy, playing a crucial role in the growth of local tourism and creating thousands of jobs, but is also a large part of our identity. Through the FY24–FY28 CIP, the Healey-Driscoll Administration is committing $50 million to Cultural Facilities Fund Grants. In collaboration with the Massachusetts Cultural Council and MassDevelopment, these major improvement grants are awarded to nonprofit, municipal, and higher education institutions to fund planning, acquisition, rehabilitation, and construction for cultural facilities. This is in addition to $10 million that this Administration has proposed in supplemental operating funds this year.

CFF, which Mass Cultural Council administers in partnership with MassDevelopment, provides major improvement grants to nonprofit, municipal, and higher education cultural facilities in recognition of their profound economic impact on communities across Massachusetts. To learn more about the economic impact of the program, review the most recent annual report.

It is anticipated that the FY24 CFF application period will open this fall. Follow the Agency on social media (@masscultural) or sign up for our monthly Power of Culture e-newsletter for updates on this and all other grant programs, services, and events. You can also connect with our CFF Program Team, Jay Paget and Miranda Cook, with questions.

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