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Governor’s FY23 Supplemental Budget Provides $10M for Cultural Facilities Fund

Bethann Steiner, Public Affairs Director

While most state government activities and expenses are paid for by the annual General Appropriations Act (the GAA) – also known as “the state budget” – or the annual Capital Spending Plan, policymakers on Beacon Hill are often asked to provide support for unexpected costs or new initiatives through supplemental budgets, or “supps”.

Earlier this month Governor Healey filed a FY23 supplemental budget, H. 3545. In her filing letter to the Legislature the Governor noted that the $734 million in new appropriations recommended in H. 3545 “represent investments that build upon and align with the spending proposals and goals outlined earlier this month in my House 1 budget recommendation for Fiscal Year 2024, as well as previously filed funding requests.”

Mass Cultural Council is thrilled to note that the Governor recommended $10 million in her supp budget for the Cultural Facilities Fund. Today the Agency submitted testimony to the House of Representatives and Senate in support of the Governor’s spending recommendation, and is deeply appreciative of the Healey/Driscoll Administration for their ongoing support of the Commonwealth’s creative and cultural sector.

What Happens Next?

H. 3545 is pending review by the House Committee on Ways & Means. Because this supp budget is a “money bill,” the Legislature has until December 31 of this year to act on it. As with all proposed legislation, it must be engrossed (given preliminary approval) and enacted (final approval) by both the House and Senate before it can be sent to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law.

Advocacy Alert

Creative and cultural sector stakeholders with an interest in the Cultural Facilities Fund are encouraged to reach out to their state legislators by email and urge them to support the Governor’s supplemental appropriation.

A thank you always goes a long way, so sending Governor Healey a quick note of appreciation for this supplemental spending recommendation is also a meaningful way to amplify the creative and cultural sector with the Healey/Driscoll Administration.

Review Mass Cultural Council’s Testimony in Support of H. 3545 (PDF)

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