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Ground Your Work in Universal Design

Charles Baldwin, Program Officer

Join the Innovation and Learning Network

The Discovery Museum’s Discovery Treehouse.

Mass Cultural Council’s Universal Participation (UP) Initiative centers inclusive design as a tool for creating accessible practices across the Commonwealth. A key component of this initiative is the Innovation and Learning Network (ILN), a series of professional development workshops on Universal Design and accessibility practices. The ILN facilitates the development of a Community of Practice; examining and activating physical, digital, educational, and social systems.

We invite cultural organizations that want to increase public participation in the creative sector to apply to be a part of the ILN by January 29, 2021.

Participation in the ILN includes a $3,000 stipend for staff time; a series of learning workshops in design principles, legislative compliance, policy development, and engagement strategies; a user/expert consultation; and a website audit. Upon completion of the ILN, organizations receive UP Designation and are eligible for UP grants.

Creating access to culture is about building intentional and responsive environments that embrace human variety.

What is your organization’s vision of equity?
How do you learn to bravely assess and adapt institutional systems?
Who are the leaders to direct and steward your actions?
When do you take the risk to renew and rebuild?

The 2021 ILN will include a series of webinars, meetings, evaluations, and audits to steward the implementation of an access plan for your cultural organization. Program activities, designed in partnership with the National Center for Accessible Media, the Institute for Human Centered Design, Partners for Youth with Disabilities, and Open Door Arts, will take place February – May 2021.

See how previous ILN participants have activated the principles of Universal Design within their organizations.

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