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Paxton Cultural Council

Throughout its existence, the Paxton Local Cultural Council has always strived to enhance and enrich the cultural experiences of the members of their small town.
An effort has always been made to attempt equality in service to all ages from toddlers to the elderly and interests as varied as musical, scientific, historical, and literary with added attention given so that those with disabilities may also enjoy the Council’s programs.
Funding various programs that are distributed throughout the year help allow cultural experiences during many months for our residents.
Direct Grant payment will hopefully help sustain many local artists who have been severely impacted by the ongoing pandemic.


Anita Fenton

697 Pleasant Street
Paxton, MA 01612-1000

FY22 Allocation


FY22 Local Priorities

The Paxton Cultural Council takes into consideration what the members of the community describe as their priorities in distributed survey forms. The Council will give priority to:
1) applicants who have secured a local venue with inclusion of a letter of support from the venue,
2) projects that may serve youth, family, elderly, and people with disabilities
3) programs that serve a significant number of residents, but small unique events of significance may still be approved.
4) projects that expand resident knowledge of local history.

Additional important criteria include: financial need, track record and ability of the applicant, the level of community involvement and support, and demonstration of adequate planning.

Paper applications will still be accepted by our council along with online applications. Please contact us via the info on the “Council Information” tab to request a copy of the paper application.

Also links for applicant websites will be used to help decide funding.
Programs may be repeated if the Council feels they are of significant value to the community.

FY22 Local Guidelines

Local artists, cultural groups and events that enhance the cultural experience for the largest number of residents are shown a preference, but smaller events may also be valued. As is required by the MCC, grant monies may not be used for refreshments and annual events may only be repeated if it is determined they are valuable and differ significantly each year.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Direct Grants

Apply Now

Review Complete LCC Program Guidelines

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