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Youth Arts Impact Network Expands to Public-Private Partnership

Erik Holmgren, Program Manager

youth ensemble playing at an outside arts festival
Students performing at 2018 Boston Public Schools Citywide Arts Festival on Boston Common. Photo: Elliot Haney.

Beginning in 2021 Mass Cultural Council will partner with EdVestors to extend the offer of services, expertise, and resources of the Youth Arts Impact Network (YAIN) to organizations across the Commonwealth. Through this expansion, Mass Cultural Council aims to support the state-wide Creative Youth Development (CYD) network with critical support in a time of changing program delivery models and focus areas.

The Youth Arts Impact Network, facilitated by EdVestors, is a cohort of more than 75 youth arts organizations, working to strengthen the local youth arts community and build capacity of the larger CYD field, resulting in those organizations better serving young people and maximizing their impact. YAIN has offered workshops, webinars, and one-on-one consulting office hours focused on program development and the evaluation of impact across sectors for the past five years.

2021 Activities

Between January 1 and June 30, 2021, EdVestors and Mass Cultural Council will provide:

  • A new web site of resources hosted by EdVestors
  • Co-facilitated, bi-weekly CYD Community Meetings
  • One-on-one office hours with program development and evaluation consultant Julia Gittleman on:
    • Program planning including scenario planning
    • Logic model and evaluation development
    • Programming and Reporting with Technology – Creating tools and systems to measure impact (and adapting for virtual programming)
  • Remote convenings with additional speakers and presenters, such as webinars with a focus on:
    • Celebrating the creativity of young people during the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Self-care and community-care

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