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Hear What Your Colleagues Are Up To – January

Dawn Heinen, Digital Communications Manager

Check out these episodes of Creative Minds Out Loud, Mass Cultural Council’s podcast:

Out Youth Theater – Revelatory Experience for Performers and Audience

Evelyn Francis. Photo: Joel Benjamin.Evelyn Francis, Interim Artistic Director of the Theater Offensive, discusses their youth program – a national model for creative youth development – where young people create original work, share it back to the community, and are true partners in developing the program itself.

Access Means Overcoming Psychological Barriers, Too

Matthias WaschekMatthias Waschek, Executive Director of the Worcester Art Museum, says truly accessible museums create experiences that make visitors want to return. In doing so they must challenge institutional norms to welcome and engage more diverse populations.

Reconnecting to America and What It Stands For

Steve AyersReverend Steve Ayres, Vicar of the Old North Church, discusses Revolution 250, the challenges of stewarding historic sites, and the long-term benefits of knowing our history and where we’ve come from.

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