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$30K Available to Berkshire County Theater Professionals Impacted by COVID-19

Bethann Steiner, Communications Director

A Shakespeare & Company performance
A Shakespeare & Company performance.

Mass Cultural Council is pleased to announce that it has received a $30,000 donation from the GKV Foundation in New York City with the expectation that it be used to make financial awards to theater professionals who live in Berkshire County who have lost income as a direct result of COVID-19 related cancellations and closures.

GKV Foundation’s core belief is that smartly-guided exposure to the arts will positively impact an individual’s intellectual and social skills, and ultimately contribute to improving our global home. Mass Cultural Council is incredibly grateful to the Foundation for its donation and is pleased to establish this partnership to help creative individuals who are dealing with financial hardships in the Berkshires. Together, we will amplify the power of culture! Additionally, we are grateful to Shakespeare & Company for introducing us to the GKV Foundation and putting this effort into motion.

Mass Cultural Council will administer these charitable funds as directed. We anticipate making a total of 30 $1,000 awards to Berkshire-based theater professionals. Mass Cultural Council will not charge the Foundation for administrative costs and will make awards from the entire $30,000 donation. There are nine Berkshire County theater professionals who unsuccessfully applied to our COVID-19 Relief Fund for Individuals; they will receive the first nine awards funded by the GKV Foundation. The remaining 21 recipients will be selected randomly from a pool of new applicants.

How to Apply

The program guidelines and online application for GKV Foundation Assistance to Berkshire County Theater Professionals is now available. The application opens on May 20, 2020. The application deadline in May 29. Contact Dan Blask for more information.

Mass Cultural Council can accept additional donations to our COVID-19 Relief Fund for Individuals. Additional funds will allow us to make $1,000 awards to those who previously applied but have not yet received funding.

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