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House Majority Backs Increase for MCC

(4/17/15) – Thanks to another strong advocacy campaign, a majority of the state House of Representatives signed on to support a 25 percent increase in funding for arts and culture.

In all 87 members of the House cosponsored Amendment No. 774 filed by Rep. Cory Atkins of Concord to boost funding for the arts, humanities, and sciences through MCC to $15 million. Atkins is House Chair of the Joint Committee on Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development. Cosponsors include several members of the House leadership, Democrats and Republicans, and legislators from every county in the Commonwealth. See the full list of amendment cosponsors.

They responded to the Arts Matter advocacy campaign led by MASSCreative that engaged thousands of cultural leaders, artists, educators, and citizens across Massachusetts. The Atkins amendment would reverse a 16 percent cut to MCC funding contained in an FY16 budget proposal that was released on Wednesday by the House Ways & Means Committee. ...

Read full release.

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House Committee Proposes Cut to Funding for Arts, Humanities & Sciences in Budget Plan

(4/15/15) – Today the House Committee on Ways and Means released a state budget proposal for the coming fiscal year that recommends $10 million for the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC).

That would represent a 16 percent reduction in state support for the arts, humanities, and sciences. If approved that budget would force MCC to cut grant awards for nonprofit cultural organizations, local cultural councils, education programs, and artists.

State Representative Cory Atkins of Concord will file an amendment to increase cultural funding to $15 million for FY 2016. That would represent a $3 million increase from the current fiscal year’s original state allocation of $12 million. ...

Read full release.

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Governor's Budget Proposes Level Funding for Arts & Culture through MCC

Governor Charlie Baker today released his first state budget proposal that would invest just under $11.8 million in the arts, humanities, and sciences through the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) for the coming fiscal year. The Governor's budget plan for FY16 would fund arts and culture at current levels.

The state appropriated $12 million for MCC to support arts and cultural programs for the current year. Last month, however, the Legislature passed the Governor’s emergency mid-year budget that cut MCC funding by $215,000 along with many other state programs to fill a large gap between revenues and expenses.

Read full release.

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MCC's New Case Statement for Increased Public Investment in Arts & Culture

Cover image for "It Works. Work It... We Make Creativity Work for Massachusetts"The Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) has released a new case statement on the benefits of arts and cultural funding to the state’s economy, communities, and the education of our young people – and what long-term reinvestment in MCC's work can accomplish. We will be sharing it with the Massachusetts legislature this budget season along with our FY16 budget request.

It Works. Work It...
We Make Creativity Work for Massachusetts


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MCC FY16 Budget Request Totals $15 Million

The Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) seeks an FY16 state appropriation of $15 million, an increase of $3 million from the current fiscal year. The agency will put these funds to work toward:

  • A healthy state economy that benefits from a robust nonprofit cultural sector, cultural tourism, and a creative workforce.

  • More vital, livable communities flourishing with arts and cultural activities accessible to all.

  • Young people who possess the knowledge, imagination, and creativity to succeed in school, careers, and civic life.

  • A nonprofit cultural sector that opens its doors to young and old of all backgrounds and abilities, regardless of income.

Read complete FY16 budget request.

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Learn More About Your State Elected Officials

Who are they? What are their priorities? How can arts and culture help them achieve their public policy goals?

Contact MCC's Greg Liakos or Ann Petruccelli to share your stories of how arts and culture are making your community a better place, or to request information or assistance.

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