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Wendell Cultural Council

The Wendell Cultural Council is made up of at least 5 Community Members who believe strongly in the essential role, and the importance and power of the arts, the humanities, and the interpretive sciences. We support applications that reflect a wide variety of disciplines and that reach a diverse demographic in our community (age, gender, race, ethnicity, interests, etc.) We work with local resources such as schools, library, town, local and sometimes regional community groups, to provide appropriate venues, support, and co-sponsorship.


Phyllis Lawrence

9 Morse Village Road
Wendell, MA 01379-9704

Application Information

FY25 Allocation


FY25 Local Priorities

We give priority to:

Applicants who are local artists and community members

Programs that take place within the Town of Wendell or that have Wendell resident participation

Programs that vary over a wide variety of disciplines

Programs that represent and benefit diverse age, gender, race, and ethnicity populations

Organizations and programs that enrich the cultural experiences and life-long learning on an ongoing basis. Therefore there is no limit placed on applications over consecutive years.

Applicants who demonstrate prior planning, especially in regard to contacting local venues and gaining their support prior to submitting the application.

Programs that show continuing awareness of health and safety protocols in this constantly changing climate. Remote, virtual, and outdoor platforms are acceptable.

FY25 Local Guidelines

There is no formally set limit to funding levels. Because our goal is to provide a wide range of programs, we encourage applicants to seek multiple sources if their project is large. Our Council has funded regional programs in the past that gather support from many sources with small requests as well. Most grants in the past have fallen within the range of $100 to $850.

The Wendell Cultural Council accepts only online submissions now, as required by the MCC. There are training videos put out by the MCC to help navigate the application process. Please ask a Cultural Council member if you require assistance with the application process.

Applicants are responsible for publicity and for prior notification of the date(s) of your program to the Wendell Cultural Council chairperson contact.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Reimbursement Grants

FY24 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
1794 Meetinghouse, Inc. Quabbin Valley Pro Musica 2023-2024 Season $200
Barrett, Cynthia Emma and Belley: Sister Detectives, A Bilingual Book Reading and Signing $100
Bates III, Davis R. Celebrating the Season: A Halloween Harvest $350
Bright, Mara Introduction to Astrology $300
Community Network for Children How Things Move in Nature: Seeds $260
Doughty, Laura Merry Band Mondays $350
Ferguson, Carrie The Many I Am - music/dance video $250
Franklin County Pride, Inc. Franklin County Pride 2024 $200
Fraser, Mary Willow Basketry Workshop $400
Hines, Shelley Shiatsu With Friends; Embodying Personal Power, through Ancient Asian Wisdom $300
Horn, Donna wendell misfit prom $500
LaunchSpace, Inc. Teen Open Hack $425
Lynangale, Debbie Wendell Meetinghouse Performances $200
Manselle, Jafar “West African Drumming Workshop - Come Out to Play” West $250
Mason, Gail Honoring Elders Events $300
Orange Revitalization Partnership, Inc. Starry Starry Night $245
Pioneer Valley Symphony, Inc. “Oliver Towne” - 2024 Education Concert $300
Piti Theatre Company To Bee or Not To Bee $500
Sarr, Abdou Salaam ak Jaam Senegal $600
Tamarack Hollow Nature and Cultural Center, Inc. Interactive Gaia Roots world music program at the Wendell Free Library $300
The Athol Historical Society, Inc. Uniquely Quabbin magazine $200
Wendell Pollinator Protectors Sisters in Crime $200
Wendell Pollinator Protectors Beyond papae cranes $350
stockton, jeannette Creative approaches to poetry $600
the Wizard, Ed Reading is Magic $300

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