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Sunderland Cultural Council

The mission of the Sunderland Cultural Council is to encourage access for Sunderland residents of all ages and groups to cultural events and resources of all types. The Sunderland Cultural Council pursues this mission through the administration of state funded Cultural Council grants. It is the policy of the Sunderland Cultural Council to seek the greatest possible diversity and number of funded events in order to provide the widest access to cultural resources.


Peter Lacey

Town Hall
12 School Street
Sunderland, MA 01375-9503

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FY23 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Brock, Loren A New Fairy Village in Sunderland $500
Ferguson, Carrie Carrie Ferguson and the Grumpytime Club Band family concert $550
Halloran, Bill Blues concert $400
Kline, Carrie Music of Appalachia and Beyond $350
MUSIC Hip Hop Chair Dance for Seniors! $280
Mohawk Trail Concerts, Inc. Summer Festival 2023 $500
Ryan, Janet Early Childhood Music and Movement $500
Science & Engineering Education Development, Inc. Outrageous Owls at the Library $514
Sunderland Public Library Beginning Book Binding for Teens $300
Sunderland Public Library Learn Knitting Through Modern Interests $500
Sunderland Public Library Indian Cooking Class for Teens and Adults $500
Sunderland Public Library Cardboard Explosion! $500
Sunderland Public Library Social Justice Film Series $500
Sunderland Public Library Dinosaurs! with the Dinoman $500
Sunderland Public Library The Zoo Show $500
The Nolumbeka Project, Inc. 10th Annual Pocumtuck Homelands Festival $250

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