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South Hadley Cultural Council

We strive to encourage interest and participation in local arts and cultural activities.


Alexandra Ripp, Grants Manager

South Hadley Public Library
2 Canal Street
South Hadley, MA 01075-2768

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Application Information

FY23 Allocation


FY23 Local Priorities

The South Hadley Cultural Council welcomes applications from individuals and groups that promote the arts, humanities, and sciences through programs that benefit the citizens of South Hadley. They especially welcome applications for:
programs that bring art and culture to students in South Hadley Public Schools and to South Hadley youth;
programs accessible to people with disabilities: in accessible locations, and/or specifically geared towards making arts and culture more accessible;
programs by and for communities most severely impacted by COVID-19 including BIPOC (Black, indigenous, and People of Color) communities, individuals with disabilities, low-income communities, seniors, and individual artists.

The deadline for submission of FY23 applications is October 17, 2022. Applicants must reside or be located in Massachusetts.

Applications should note the way the program benefits the citizens of South Hadley. They should also specify a confirmed venue, date and time (or timeframe) during the calendar year 2023, and other sources of financial support, if available. Given the ongoing pandemic, the Cultural Council will be more flexible about exact date, time, and place at time of application but encourages clear plans to confirm these details.

Full LCC guidelines are available here.

Additional COVID-19 considerations:

Safety in the pandemic continues to be a high priority and the Cultural Council seeks to offer programming that can be accessed by populations at higher risk for COVID-19 complications. Thus, we welcome applications for events that can be conducted online or that otherwise outline pandemic safety precautions.

Given the impact COVID-19 has had and continues to have on the cultural sector, the Cultural Council will accept applications for operational support that demonstrate a clear benefit to South Hadley residents’ cultural lives.

Please note that if your project was funded in a previous year and postponed to this fiscal year, that project is not eligible for funding in this fiscal year.

FY23 Local Guidelines

Preference is given to applications that are clear and specific about the proposed activities.. To the extent possible, applications should include:
–Program venue, date, and time (or timeframe), with as much specificity as possible. The project should be planned for completion between January and December 2023.
–Publicity plan for the event (don’t forget social media!)
–Accessibility accommodations
–Other source(s) of financial support. (No more than 50% of the total budget should be requested from the Council, and the proposal should be able to proceed with partial funding.)
–Signed letters of support from the host venue and any other local partners.
–Qualifications or track record of the applicant, and evidence of proposed program’s quality
–Thoughtful explanation of projected benefit to South Hadley residents and community.

Note that funds may not be used for food or refreshments.

Grants funds are awarded directly, not as a reimbursement after project completion.

For Field Trip applications:
The total project cost is required, along with information about the amount and source(s) of additional funding for the trip. A separate budget sheet detailing project costs and support is suggested.

Application Instructions
All applications must be submitted online via the Mass Cultural Council. If you are unable to access a computer and/or internet access, please call Grants Manager Alex Ripp: 609-240-3595.
For application questions or to review your proposal with a South Hadley Cultural Council member prior to final submission, please email:

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Direct Grants

FY23 Funding List

A grant list will be published here after January 17, 2023 and once the Local Cultural Council has finalized their decisions.

Review Complete LCC Program Guidelines

Mass Cultural Council publishes any updates as they become available. Last update was made on December 9, 2022 at 05:30 AM UTC
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