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Somerville Arts Council

The mission of the Somerville Arts Council (SAC) is to cultivate and celebrate the creative expressions of the Somerville community. Through innovative collaborations and quality programming we work to make the arts an integral part of life reflective of our diverse city.


Rachel Strutt

50 Evergreen Avenue
Somerville, MA 02145-2819

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Application Information

FY24 Allocation


FY24 Local Priorities

The Somerville Arts Council gathers input from the community throughout the year and develops funding priorities based on this feedback. This year the Somerville Arts Council will give priority to:
• Projects that serve diverse audiences
• Projects that support local artists
• Projects that support our city’s cultural infrastructure

In addition to the state criteria applications will be evaluated using the following review criteria:
• How well the program meets our local priorities
• Community support and involvement
• Evidence of track record and dedication of the applicant
• Ability to address the diverse cultural needs of a community’s underserved populations or support diverse forms of cultural activities
• Financial need
• Demonstrated planning

FY24 Local Guidelines

* Organizations may only submit only one project grant application. (Schools may submit more than one, but only one per lead teacher, specific project)
* Individuals may submit only one application, either a project or fellowship application. While individuals can partner with others, they can only submit one application, as a “prime” contact.
* Fellowships applicants must be Somerville residents.
* Applicants will submit via the MCC portal but MUST utilize Somerville Arts Council guidelines and follow directions concerning submission of support material and budgets. Applications not submitted by our standards may not receive favorable review. To download our guidelines go to:
* Applicants must submit within our budget grant range and not above it. (Projects up to $5k; Fellowships request specific $3k)

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Reimbursement Grants

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FY23 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Abrams, Deighton Visual Arts, Fellowship $3,000
Allen, Kayla Literature, Fellowship $950
Artez, Brandi Broken Rainbows $563
Arthur D. Healey School Music, Project $1,600
Arthur D. Healey School Visual Arts, Project $3,300
Arthur D. Healey School Food Poetry with Anthony Febo (Artist in Residence) $1,200
Arthur D. Healey School Cultural Heritage Project $1,050
Balseiro, Alina Interdisciplinary, Fellowship $1,000
Bloom, Peter Music, Fellowship $1,500
Capuano Early Childhood Center Field Trip $2,600
Carlino, Matthew G23 The Gilman Square Art and Music Festival $3,000
Center for Arabic Culture, Inc. The 9th CAC Arab American Annual Spring Festival $1,000
Climate Coalition of Somerville Convenings to Create Transformative Climate and Arts Collaborations $1,000
Cotton-Baez, Rebeca The Painted Playground: Arts in the Park $2,000
Cuda, Mila Literature, Fellowship $2,250
CultureHouse, Inc. East Somerville Community Pop-up $2,233
De Musis, Rejane Praticutucá $1,575
Dupras, Faye Cozy SingAlong $5,000
East Somerville Main Streets, Inc. The East Somerville Festival Series $3,000
Geismar, Kathryn Visual Art, Fellowship $3,000
Gere, Marjorie Around Hear $4,000
Groundwork Somerville, Inc. Groundwork Somerville's Cultivating Community Mural $5,000
Herman-Haase, Eileen Dance Caliente Ballroom Workshop $450
Herrera Martinez, Reynaliz Music, Fellowship $2,500
Hollander Ames, Amelia The Sun Rises in Somerville: Craft Ensemble at the Community Growing Center $2,000
Huggins, Brenda "Mr. Twister" an Interactive Opera and Climate Action Event $4,000
Hulsey, Sarah Visual Art, Fellowship $3,000
Izuyama, Yumi Kamishibai storytelling & craft activity $1,350
James, Jessie Fellowship $900
Kalliope Reed Quintet Reeds in Blue - Community Concert at the Somerville Museum $3,500
Kitchell, Liza Festa Junina $2,400
Klein, Ira New Directions in Global Folk Music - Lecture Series $800
Kopycinski, Rebecca L. Interrelated Media, Fellowship $3,000
Lane, Claire "in the Ether" Performance and Workshop Series $1,586
Lawson, Miranda Dance, Fellowship $3,000
Lemski, Alex The Creative Music Series in Somerville $510
LoVerme, Stephen Somergloom Festival $1,174
Martin, Claudia Interrelated Media, Fellowship $1,000
Medonis, Annie Laurie Women Artists in Action Makerspaces $1,600
Midday Movement Series BIPOC Professional Dancer Mentorship $2,750
Monkeyhouse, Inc. Buttress 2023 $2,750
Mudflat Pottery School, Inc. Community Workshops in Ceramics $1,110
Muldowney, Greer Visual Art, Fellowship $3,000
Newman, Howard Knock on Wood, acoustic folk-rock duo $500
Nightingale Vocal Ensemble, Inc. Nightingale Vocal Ensemble Presents: Modern Renaissance $4,000
OnStage Dance Company, Inc. OnStage 360 $2,000
Ouellette, Katherine Literature, Fellowship $950
Pabon-Szebeda, Elizabeth Latin Line Dancing at Assembly Row $1,300
Paupeck, Bess Visual Art, Project $500
Peck, Julie M. visual arts project $899
Ross, Allison Cultural Heritage Reflected through Live Performance $1,500
Saenz, Laidy Fellowship $2,700
Sanchez, Laura Café Flamenco $4,000
Sawalhi, Ghassan A Weekend with Arabic Culture $2,000
School of HONK, Inc. Summer Honk 2023 $3,000
Shalom-Kobii, Tal Shalom Women in World- a tour around the world $1,000
Somerville Asian and Asian American Family Network Cultural Heritage, Project $4,625
Somerville Historical Society Somerville High School Local History Club Exhibition on the life of Philip Reavis, Sr. $4,700
Story, Julie "How Lonely Sat the Town:" Poetry Book Manuscript $2,250
Tamny, Gilmore Wild and Esoteric New England $900
Tamu Samaaj (Society) of Boston Nepali Class Boston $1,075
The Beautiful Stuff Project, Inc. Collaborative Head Start mural $1,900
The Center for Arts at the Armory, Inc. Performance Opportunity Program (POP) $4,000
Torgerson, Mark Kadanz Jazz $1,600
Vistein, Amber Music, Project $4,000
Weisbart, Cindy Visual Art, Fellowship $3,000
Weisberg, Debra Holding the Center Still $3,000

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Mass Cultural Council publishes any updates as they become available. Last update was made on December 11, 2023 at 12:01 PM UTC
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