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Somerville Arts Council

The mission of the Somerville Arts Council (SAC) is to cultivate and celebrate the creative expressions of the Somerville community. Through innovative collaborations and quality programming we work to make the arts an integral part of life reflective of our diverse city.


Rachel Strutt

50 Evergreen Avenue
Somerville, MA 02145-2819

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Application Information

FY24 Allocation


FY24 Local Priorities

The Somerville Arts Council gathers input from the community throughout the year and develops funding priorities based on this feedback. This year the Somerville Arts Council will give priority to:
• Projects that serve diverse audiences
• Projects that support local artists
• Projects that support our city’s cultural infrastructure

In addition to the state criteria applications will be evaluated using the following review criteria:
• How well the program meets our local priorities
• Community support and involvement
• Evidence of track record and dedication of the applicant
• Ability to address the diverse cultural needs of a community’s underserved populations or support diverse forms of cultural activities
• Financial need
• Demonstrated planning

FY24 Local Guidelines

* Organizations may only submit only one project grant application. (Schools may submit more than one, but only one per lead teacher, specific project)
* Individuals may submit only one application, either a project or fellowship application. While individuals can partner with others, they can only submit one application, as a “prime” contact.
* Fellowships applicants must be Somerville residents.
* Applicants will submit via the MCC portal but MUST utilize Somerville Arts Council guidelines and follow directions concerning submission of support material and budgets. Applications not submitted by our standards may not receive favorable review. To download our guidelines go to:
* Applicants must submit within our budget grant range and not above it. (Projects up to $5k; Fellowships request specific $3k)

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Reimbursement Grants

FY24 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Alsamsam, Dana Fellowship, Literature $3,000
Around Hear Around Hear $5,000
Arthur D. Healey School Food Poetry with Anthony Febo (Artist in Residence) $1,500
Arthur D. Healey School Music, Project $2,000
Arthur D. Healey School Cultural Heritage Project $1,350
Artisan's Asylum, Inc. Youth Programming and Events $4,000
Babilye, Theodora The Testimonies of Love $1,000
Bemis, Jillian Visual Art, fellowship $3,000
Benjamin G. Brown School Visual Art: Willow Ave Mural $700
Boomer, Nolan Elfland Workshop and Zine $1,548
Bresler, Edie Visual Art, Fellowship $3,000
Cabral, Steven Visual Art $500
Carlino, Matthew G24 The Gilman Square Arts and Music Festival $2,650
Claudio, Sabrina (Phree) Everybody Eats $3,200
Colella, Jodi But It Doesn't Hold Water $1,999
Commonwealth Clayworks LLC Clayworks Companion Program $1,800
Community Action Agency of Somerville Home, Sweet Rented Home: Challenges and Disparities of Renting Families in Somerville. $3,000
Continelli, Anne Spaces of Their Own (working title) $3,500
Dandelion Montessori Creative Movement for Montessori Community $536
De Musis, Rejane Festa Caipira Praticutucá $4,000
Dupras, Faye Artist Fellowship $2,016
East Somerville Main Streets, Inc. East Somerville Festival Series $2,000
Evrard, Maxwell Exchanging Notes Album Project $4,000
Felix, Cidjud IMAGINE W/ $3,500
Food Tank the Think Tank for Food Little Peasants: A New Play $750
Friedland, Elana Lev Literature, Fellowship $2,800
Garcia, Seth Literature, Fellowship $2,750
Hale, Mary Visual Art, Fellowship $2,000
Izuyama, Yumi Kamishibai and Acts of Kindness $1,650
Kalliope Reed Quintet Kalliope Reed Quintet performs at the Somerville Museum $2,000
Kitchell, Liza Festa Junina $3,000
Klein, Ira Open American Folk Concert at the Somerville Public Library $1,200
Kocol, Mary Visual Art, Fellowship $3,000
Lane, Claire Malefica: a Dance Theater Production $3,000
Livne, Shir Multidisciplinary, Project $3,300
Malecki, Eliza Lost and Found $1,500
Mancini, Hilken Punk Rock Aerobics for Kidz Somerville $3,000
Martz, Paulina Marian or the True Tale of Robin Hood $500
MetaMovements LLC Access On The Row: Latin Dance lessons in ASL $2,400
Mystic Learning Center, Inc. Books Of Hope $1,589
NAKATO, CATHERINE BALLchella: The Legacy Cookout $2,500
Nath, Anjali Khelna (Play) $1,000
Neighborways Design LLC Visual Arts: Tufts Street Wall Mural $4,925
Newman, Howard Music for Seniors $375
Novick, Steve Visual Art, Fellowship $500
Olin, Debra Visual Art Fellowship $3,000
Opera on Tap Boston Flowers and Opera $3,400
PTA Massachusetts Parent-Teacher Association Inc. Music, Project $2,000
Ross, Allison Celebrating our Histories: Moving our Futures $5,000
SNYDER, AJDA Music, Fellowship $1,500
Sanchez, Laura Making Welcome to Holland! accessible. $3,000
School of HONK, Inc. Summer Honk 2024 $2,000
Scott, David Songwriters in the Round $4,800
Shepley, Julia Visual Art, project $500
Smiley, Sarah Rose Kaleidoscope: Queer Imaginings $1,000
Somervile Asian Family Network Cambridge-Somerville Asian Festival 2024 $4,825
Somerville High School Field Trip $625
Somerville Public Schools Jean Appolon Multicultural Immersive Learning Experience $4,607
Somerville Public Schools Collaborative Kindness Mural with Bren Bataclan $3,750
Somerville Public Schools Printing for newspaper club, "The Kennedy Chronicle" $3,525
The Beautiful Stuff Project, Inc. Cultural Heritage, Project $3,033
The Center for Arts at the Armory, Inc. Performance Opportunity Program $2,000
The Flavor Continues Corporation TFC@MOTA Street and Club Dance Sessions $2,400
Thompson, Lily A Helping Branch $500
Torgerson, Mark Kadanz Jazz: Music for Community $1,278
Trefts, Jason Illegally Blind $2,500
Tunefoolery Music, Inc. Music, Project $2,400
West Somerville Neighborhood School Live Production of The Tell-Tale Heart! $940
Westwater Weekes, Naomi The Reclamation Project: Honoring the Voices of People of Color in Folk Music $1,150
Willett, Galen oDD nUMBERED rECORDS Concert Series $1,000
Winter Hill Community School School-based Theatre for Social-Emotional Learning $3,876
sy, papa Kanassu Bi $3,000

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