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Shelburne Cultural Council

The mission of the Shelburne Local Cultural Council is to help fund a broad range of cultural events that support and enrich the community life of Shelburne Falls and the immediate area. We encourage local cultural educators and artists to develop and share their talents through programs and events that appeal to the diverse interests of residents of all ages.


51 Bridge Street
Shelburne, MA 01370-1181

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Application Information

FY24 Allocation


FY24 Local Priorities

Types of Grants
The Shelburne Cultural Council (SCC) approves grants for a broad range of projects and programs in the arts, humanities, and sciences, such as: public art, community events and programs, site-specific projects, operating support, ticket subsidies, modestly budgeted field trips, and other activities. As per Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) dictate, projects must be culturally based; we do not fund exercise or therapy related programs.

Funding Priorities
The SCC’s funding priorities for FY 2023 are projects and programs that provide its residents the above noted cultural programs for all age groups from children to seniors. We will give added priority to projects and programs that:
are innovative and participatory in nature
are especially geared towards our youth, or
elevate the voices and experiences of historically marginalized groups in our area.
This year, the SCC endeavors to offer more effective support by awarding larger grant amounts to local, and locally-produced, projects and events. Due to our limited state-allocation amount and the number of eligible applicants, please be aware that we sometimes are unable to fund a worthy project in whole or part. Additionally, we may not be able to fund all projects funded in the past.
We encourage applicants who believe their program will provide public benefit to more than one community to apply to more than one Local Cultural Council (LCC). This will strengthen your application because it demonstrates your awareness of this monetary reality. For example, an applicant whose project venue is our local school should also apply to the LCCs where our students live. Note that the Buckland Cultural Council and the Shelburne Cultural Council are separate entities and both fund programs in what is known as Shelburne Falls.

FY24 Local Guidelines

Council Guidelines
Application deadline: The statewide application deadline is October 17, 2023.
Late applications cannot be accepted.
Apply at

Each grant application must:
meet the SCC’s 2023 Priorities
explicitly define both its local audience and its public benefit to Shelburne residents
identify any collaborative partners
include a letter of confirmation from the intended venue with a project date
provide a detailed budget
explain how the project will be advertised the project to Shelburne residents
not discriminate against any resident for any reason
be physically accessible to all

Applicant Eligibility
We accept applications from:
applicants who reside in, or are located in, Massachusetts
individual applicants who show that their project results in a public benefit to our residents
incorporated private nonprofit organizations
unincorporated associations that can establish a nonprofit objective; for example, a group of individuals coming together with a common purpose such as a community band or theater group that do not have non-profit status
public schools, libraries, and other municipal agencies, and LCC itself
religious organizations, or groups with a religious affiliation can apply for cultural programs that serve the general public, keeping in mind that LCCs can only approve applications that are primarily cultural in their intent and do not have the effect of advancing religion

Direct Grant Process
As of FY2023, all grants will be Direct Funded. This means they will be funded up front rather than after the project is completed. All grant recipients will submit their paperwork for direct payment within two weeks of receiving their approval notification. Using the Grant Agreement Form, the grantee will provide payment information and accept the terms and conditions of the grant along with their W-9 Form. A Final Report Form must be sent to the Shelburne Cultural Council by the end of the calendar year. Failure to send the Final Report Form or, alternatively, return the funds, will result in the grantee being ineligible to apply again until the 2026 grant year.
If the grantee does not complete their project as per the Grant Agreement, the grantee must return the funds to the Council.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Direct Grants

FY24 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Arms Library Association, Inc. Historical Mystery Tour - A Self-Guided Village Walk $150
Arms Library Association, Inc. Winter Blues? Craft Them Away! $150
Ashfield Historical Society, Inc. Victorians of the Hilltowns $150
Charlemont Forum Summer Speakers Series 2024 $180
Clay, Sarah Blue Skies - Free Concert $180
Double Edge Theatre Productions, Inc. Mohawk Trail Regional School Students Visit Double Edge $230
Fabric of Life Inc Fabric of Life Barnfest $205
Franklin County Pride, Inc. Franklin County Pride 2024 $230
Franklin Land Trust, Inc. Nature Explorers Session 3 $150
Heath Agricultural Society, Inc. Heath Agricultural Fair Music 2024 $125
Hilltown Families, Inc. Hilltown Families Suggests $180
Hilltown Youth Performing Arts Program, Inc. Hilltown Youth Recovery Theatre $280
Local Access to Valley Arts On the Boards '24 $180
Mankita, Jay Traveling Maker Space: Chain Reactions $125
Markey, Robert Mosaic Project $180
Memorial Hall Association, Inc. Pothole Pictures 2024 Film Series $330
Mohawk Trail Concerts, Inc. Summer Festival 2024, Music at the Arms $280
Mohawk Trail Regional High School Mohawk at the MFA $230
Mohawk Trail Regional School District Settler and Indigenous Life in the Colonial Period $180
Pioneer Valley Symphony, Inc. “Oliver Towne” - 2024 Education Concert $180
Piti Theatre Company Story Wizards $210
Shea Theater Arts Center, Inc. When The Mind's Free, An original Dance Theatre piece in conversation with King Lear in a contemporary context of family dealing with early onset Alzheimer's $280
Shelburne Falls Area Women’s Club, Inc. SFAWC Program Series $230
Sorensen, Janice Magpie Patio Performances $150
St. John's Episcopal Church Ann Hutt Browning Poetry Series $150
The Art Garden, Inc. The Hilltown Draw-Around $555
The Nolumbeka Project, Inc. Full Snow Moon Gathering and Eastern Woodlands Social Dance $150
Water Street Barn and Studio “Bridges & Flowers in Songs, Poems, & Stories” $455

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