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Shelburne Cultural Council

The mission of the Shelburne Local Cultural Council is to help fund a broad range of cultural events that support and enrich the community life of Shelburne Falls and the immediate area. We encourage local cultural educators and artists to develop and share their talents through programs and events that appeal to the diverse interests of residents of all ages.


51 Bridge Street
Shelburne Falls, MA 01370-1181

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Application Information

FY23 Allocation


FY23 Local Priorities

The Shelburne Cultural Council is committed to fostering awareness of the value of racial, ethnic and cultural diversity in our community life through funding projects in the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences that directly benefit Shelburne. While we consider the interests of all residents in our funding decisions, we are particularly receptive to the needs of our youth. Reflecting the results of a student survey, we will give added priority to: art exhibits and art-making projects, theater and musical events. The SCC is open to all age groups; student/teacher projects are welcome to apply.

This year, the council is endeavoring to award larger grant amounts that offer increased support; as such we will give priority to local, and locally-produced, projects and events. Due to our limited state allocation amount and the number of eligible applicants we support, please be aware that we are sometimes unable to fully fund a project. We encourage applicants who feel that their program will provide public benefit to more than one community to apply to more than one LCC. This will strengthen your application as it demonstrates awareness of this monetary reality. For example, an applicant whose project venue is, say, our local school should also apply to LCCs whose towns’ students attend the school. A written confirmation of local venue is required.

IMPORTANT: Beginning this year, all grants will be Direct-Funded, meaning recipients will receive their money up front. This is a departure from the previous Reimbursement method. This shift to Direct Funding reflects MCC’s request that we do all we can to get MCC’s money as quickly as possible into the hands of our recipients, ensures a level playing field for applicants across the financial spectrum, and streamlines the grant process for all involved.
Direct Funding also permits the SCC to operate on the preferred basis of trust. As such, please be aware that if the project is not completed as per the Grant Agreement Form, funds must be returned to the Council; grantees who do not return funds will jeopardize future funding. Information regarding this and the application process, is available at:

FY23 Local Guidelines

Application deadline: All applicants must submit completed applications online by the statewide deadline of October 17, 2022. Late applications cannot be accepted. Apply at:

Each grant application/project must:
meet Shelburne’s 2023 Priorities
explicitly define both its local audience and public benefit to Shelburne residents*
identify any collaborative partners
include a letter of confirmation from the venue with a project date
provide a detailed budget
clarify how they will advertise their project to Shelburne residents
not discriminate against any resident for any reason
be physically accessible to all

Types of grants. A Local Cultural Council may approve grants for a broad range of projects and programs in the arts, humanities and natural sciences, such as public art, community events/programs, site specific projects, operating support, ticket subsidies, modestly-budgeted field trips, and other activities, based on local priorities. As per MCC dictate, projects must be culturally based; we do not support exercise or therapy-related programs.

Applicant eligibility. Applicants must reside in, or be located in, Massachusetts.
Individuals. Individual applicants must show that a public benefit results from the project for which they are applying. A public presentation of an individual’s work may provide the needed public benefit.
Incorporated private nonprofit organizations.
Unincorporated associations that can establish a nonprofit objective. A group of individuals coming together with a common purpose (e.g., local community band, theater group) that do not have nonprofit status.
Public schools, libraries, other municipal agencies, and the Local Cultural Council itself.
Religious organizations. Religious organizations or groups with a religious affiliation are eligible to apply for funding for cultural programming that is available to the general public. LCCs can only approve applications that are primarily cultural in their intent and do not have the effect of advancing religion.

Direct Grant Process. As of FY2023, all grants will be Direct Funded. All grant recipients should submit the paperwork for direct payment within two weeks of receiving their approval notification. Using the Grant Agreement Form, the grantee will provide payment information and accept the terms and conditions of the grant along with their W-9 form. A Final Report will be sent to the SCC within two weeks of the project’s completion. If the grantee is unable to complete their project as per the Grant Agreement, the funds are returned to the Council. Please note, failure to do so will jeopardize future grant application consideration.

*We encourage applicants who feel that their program will provide public benefit to neighboring towns to apply to all relevant LCCs.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Direct Grants

FY23 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Arms Library Association, Inc. Exploring our Landscape, Discovering Ourselves: Conversations About What Forms Us, and Brings Our Community Together $100
Buckland Historical Society, Inc. Colonial Buckland at the Wilder Homestead $300
Cafasso Parker, Kristen 'Kay' Butterfly Garden at The Potholes $250
Charlemont Forum Summer Speakers Series 2023 $200
Double Edge Theatre Productions, Inc. Mohawk Trail Regional School Students Visit Double Edge $300
Fisher, Cynthia Mosaics for Shelburne Falls $400
Heath Agricultural Society, Inc. Heath Fair Music $100
Hilltown Families, Inc. Hilltown Families Suggests $100
Hilltown Youth Performing Arts Program, Inc. Hilltown Youth Recovery Theatre Summer Workshop $400
Kiernan, A.J. Songwriting for Healing $250
Kline, Carrie Music from Appalachia and Beyond $150
Memorial Hall Association, Inc. Pothole Pictures 2023 Seasons $250
Mohawk Trail Concerts, Inc. Summer Festival 2023 $275
Mohawk Trail Regional High School Mohawk Darkroom $300
Ohketeau Cultural Center Living Presence of Our History VII: A Conversation with Indigenous Authors on the Importance of Representation in Literature. $300
Pioneer Valley Symphony, Inc. “The Mystery of the Missing Music” - 2023 Education Concert $300
Piti Theatre Company Once Upon a . . . $475
Ryan, Elizabeth BarnFest $250
Shelburne Falls Area Women’s Club, Inc. SFAWC Speaker Series $222
Shelburne Falls Community Orchard Shelburne Falls Community Orchard Mandala Display and Map Welcome Boards $225
Tamarack Hollow Nature and Cultural Center, Inc. Interactive Gaia Roots world music concert at the Women’s World Music Day $300
The Art Garden, Inc. Winter HooPla $600
Walsh, Jacqueline Dancing at Lughnasa play $400

Review Complete LCC Program Guidelines

Mass Cultural Council publishes any updates as they become available. Last update was made on June 7, 2023 at 12:49 PM UTC
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