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Norwell Cultural Council

The mission of the Norwell Cultural Council (NCC) is to promote excellence, access, education and diversity in the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences in order to improve the quality of life for all Norwell residents and to contribute to the economic vitality of our communities.


Norwell Town Hall
345 Main Street
Norwell, MA 02061-2449

Application Information

FY23 Allocation


FY23 Local Priorities

  1. Grants are considered on the basis of clarity of purpose, community involvement, financial need and those with a strong focus on the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences.
  2. Grants are considered that are strongly based in support of the Norwell community and its programs. Programs outside of the Norwell community will be evaluated as to the extent that said program serves a significant portion of our town population.
  3. Grants are not to be used to fund projects of a continuing nature unless content/audience varies.
  4. All applications must have a confirmed supporting venue in place , date may be flexible. However the evidence of this set venue is necessary to the grant approval process. Attachment of Letter/email of intent from venue acceptable.
  5. Grants are accepted that support K-12 field trips to attend programs in the arts, humanities, or sciences. Transportation costs are not supported.
  6. Further eligibility information is available at mass cultural under Local Cultural Council Program link.

FY23 Local Guidelines

  1. Deadline for filing period is Oct 17 , 2022 . Applications are available online at No hard copy grants are accepted.
  2. One completed and signed grant application must be submitted by 11:59 PM, Oct. 17th 2022 to the Council electronically as instructed at
    If applying for funding for more than one program you must submit an application for each program.
  3. Applications are reviewed during an open meeting, the date of which is posted at Town Hall.
  4. Applicants will be notified in writing of the council’s decision. Applicants who are denied will be given fifteen (15) days to apply in writing for reconsideration.
  5. Upon completion of the project or program, all required forms including a W-9 along with proof of payment must be submitted.
  6. Payments are made on a reimbursement basis only. Reimbursement generally takes 4-6 weeks. Applicants are sent a reimbursement form link to use for their payment request. Projects and payment requests need to be completed within a year of the final award notification. Awards typically range from $100-$500. 
  7. In all published materials and announcements regarding activities supported by the NCC funds, the sponsoring group or individual must acknowledge this support with a written or verbal credit or by using the MCC logo. The credit statement is ” This program is supported in part by a grant from the Norwell Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.” The logo is available online at This credit is required by the MCC and failure to comply may jeopardize future funding.

In addition posters for display at venues are available upon request of Norwell LCC.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Reimbursement Grants

FY23 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Applefield, Janet Combating Hate and Prejudice $350
Grace Farrar Cole School Northeast Passage - Similarity Awareness Program $580
Grace Farrar Cole School Matilda $500
Grace Farrar Cole School Franklin Park Zoo - Educational Program $300
Johnston, Jessica Reading about Happiness from a Holocaust Survivor $500
North River Arts Society, Inc. 2023 Festival of the Arts $200
North and South Rivers Watershed Association, Inc. WaterWatch Talks and Walks $250
Norwell High School Norwell Cares Day $850
Norwell Middle School 7th grade short plays field trip $1,850
Norwell Middle School Kindness Ninja $1,725
Norwell Public Library Creating Community with Rockabye Beats $400
Norwell Public Library "Together They Lived and Together They Died"-The Tragic Story of Bonnie and Clyde $400
South Shore Art Center, Inc. The Inspired I $500
South Shore Young Men's Christian Association Corn Festival performers $100
South Shore Young Men's Christian Association Maple Day $100
The James Library & Center for Arts Charitable Trust Norwell High School AP Art Show $250
The James Library & Center for Arts Charitable Trust Spring Juried Art Show $100
The James Library & Center for Arts Charitable Trust Actor JT Turner Portrays Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol $100
The James Library & Center for Arts Charitable Trust Harvery Leonard--The Blizzard of ‘78 $100
The James Library & Center for Arts Charitable Trust Nina Ott Quintet Latin Jazz Concert $100
William G. Vinal Elementary School Bash the Trash presents "Found Sound Science" $1,380

Review Complete LCC Program Guidelines

Mass Cultural Council publishes any updates as they become available. Last update was made on March 22, 2023 at 12:39 AM UTC
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