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North Brookfield Cultural Council

The North Brookfield Cultural Council (NBCC) supports public programs that promote access, education, diversity and excellence in the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences; directly affect the residents of North Brookfield; achieve the greatest community benefit; and cultivate the arts through participation and appreciation. The NBCC received $6900 for the fiscal year 2023as its state allocation.

The North Brookfield Cultural Council seeks to cultivate a culture of equity and inclusion, including the promotion of diversity in the arts, through our programs, information, granting, and through the organizations we support. We are committed to supporting programming that promotes excellence, education, diversity and inclusion in the arts, humanities, and sciences to foster a rich cultural life in our community.


215 North Main Street
North Brookfield, MA 01535-1499

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Application Information

FY24 Allocation


FY24 Local Priorities

The priority for the North Brookfield Local Cultural Council as required by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, includes a focus on the arts, humanities & sciences, events that benefit the public, and grants that do not discriminate in accordance with state law. The results of the 2023 LCC survey showed that the community would like to see more festivals and fairs, musical and theater productions, as well as opportunities that showcase science, nature, and the environment. We are also committed to local community involvement, and as such will be prioritizing local grant submissions as defined by North Brookfield residents and those in the surrounding towns.

FY24 Local Guidelines

Applicants should have an event with a secured venue, tentative date, detailed publicity plan and defined budget outline and addresses the diverse needs of our community.
First year applicants will be given priority over those who submit repeat applications.
Events that benefit the greater public will be given priority over those geared to a target audience.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Direct Grants

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FY23 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Chenevert, Joseph MusicalTheatre $758
Friends of North Brookfield Town House, Inc. Town House Window Design $758
Friends of the Stone Church, Inc. 2022-23 Concerts at the Stone Church Cultural Center $408
Hart, Francis A Cultural and Historical Reflection of the 1960s through the Music of The Beatles $433
Haston Free Public Library Mme. Dina LeDuke, Psychic Advisor $208
Haston Free Public Library Eshu Bumpus - Storytelling and Folktales $458
Haston Free Public Library Pumpernickel Puppets $263
Haston Free Public Library The Softer Side of Celtic with Jeff Snow $283
Lewandowski, Suzanne Yerdon NBCARES2HELP Community Resource/Calendar Website Evolves $658
MUSIC Hip Hop Chair Dance for Seniors! $288
Mankita, Jay Makerspace Build Along: Chain Reactions! $908
NB HELPS NB HELPS Seasonal Workshop Showcases $308
North Brookfield Downtown Development Committee Mural to Help Claim the Town's Cultural Identity $308
North Brookfield High School Christmas in North Brookfield $308
The Athol Historical Society, Inc. Uniquely Quabbin magazine $258
Town of North Brookfield Pumpernickel Puppets $350

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Mass Cultural Council publishes any updates as they become available. Last update was made on November 30, 2023 at 12:01 AM UTC
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