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New Bedford Cultural Council

New Bedford Cultural Council (NBCC) funds programs that promote excellence, access, education, and diversity in the Arts, Humanities and Interpretive Sciences to improve the quality of life for New Bedford city residents.

NBCC ensures that New Bedford’s share of Massachusetts Cultural Council funds are administered fairly and in the best interests of the community.


PO Box 2027
New Bedford, MA 02741

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FY22 Allocation


FY22 Local Priorities

The Council will only accept applications from the online website. NO PAPER APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Also note: Due to Covid-19 and the uncertainty of having large indoor and outdoor gatherings, we are insisting that grant applicants submit two action plans for their events. Plan A should be your event the way you foresee presenting it to the public without the presence of COVID-19. Plan B should be how your event will be presented within the presence of the pandemic (COVID-19) and the fact that the public is wary of large crowds (outdoor or indoor) and enclosed spaces. If the event you have in mind cannot accommodate pandemic restrictions, please wait until the following year to apply.


    The New Bedford Cultural Council will give priority to grants that have a measurable impact on the New Bedford community through the following :

  • Applications for outdoor performances such as theatre, concerts, storytelling, and public art
  • Applications that support arts education in the schools (i.e. Field Trips)
  • Applications that provide low-cost or free cultural events for the New Bedford community
  • Applications that support individual artists
  • Applications that support programming for an inclusive audience of marginalized and under-served populations
  • The event must either take place in New Bedford or directly benefit the citizens of New Bedford.

    Grant requests may not exceed $4,000 per application. No grants are completely funded. Only partially. Therefore, grant applicants should look to other sources if needed.


    1. Letter of Confirmation from the venue your project/event will take place.
    2. SALARIES: Letter of explanation of salaries and names of salaried individuals. NOTE: if you are a salaried employee of the organization you are not eligible to take a salary from your grant.

    The MCC and the LCC must be credited by using the MCC’s credit logo and credit line. We encourage grant recipients to use both the MCC logo and the credit statement, but you are only required to use one. Please check your local cultural council’s web page in case it has its own local credit requirements.

    Logos are downloadable from this site. The logo must be produced as a unit without alteration.

    The credit line is as follows:

    “This program is supported in part by a grant from the (name of local cultural council), a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.”


      What Types of Field Trips Will Be Funded?
      Any field trip that fits with your class curriculum is eligible to be funded.
      Some examples of trips we’ve funded in the past are: trips to shows at the Zeiterion, the Rotch-Jones-Duff House, the Museum of Science in Cambridge, etc. However, keep in mind that if field trips cannot take place within the safety guidelines of the pandemic, then they will not be accepted.

      Who is Eligible to Apply?
      Schools organizing the field trip are eligible to apply,
      as well as cultural organizations hosting the field trips.

      What is the Maximum Amount My School Can Receive?
      This year there is no set maximum on the amount that a given school can receive;
      however, the amount that we will be able to give to each school will depend
      on the amount of overall requests and the amount of money we receive.

      How Do I Submit My Grant Application?

        Follow the instructions online at Online Application for LCCs.


FY22 Local Guidelines

The New Bedford Cultural Council (hereafter referred to as NBCC) grant process is governed by requirements and regulations established by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, failure to comply may jeopardize a grant application. Each year the NBCC adjusts its Guidelines and criteria based on input from the Community Input Survey.

1. The project must benefit New Bedford citizens and must take place in New Bedford.

2. Maximum standard grant request allowed is $4,000.00 per organization or individual.

3. The qualifications of the individual or organization and the quality of the work are considered by the NBCC.

4. NBCC funding may not be used as the sole means of support for projects. The NBCC looks more favorably on applicants who pursue other funding sources to support their projects.

5. Local council funds may only be used to support programs in the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences. This definition includes the study, pursuit, performance, exhibition, and appreciation of cultural activities in the broadest sense.

6. If the budget includes salaries or stipends, attach a detailed breakdown of the allocation of funds for salaries on a separate page.

7. Previously funded projects are strongly encouraged to add a new element to the project plan on a separate page.

8. If individuals or an organization collaborate on a single application, one member of the collaboration must be designated as the lead applicant for fiscal management purposes.

9. Project Locations (i.e. performance venue/gallery space) and dates must be secured in advance of application and applicants include a commitment letter from the venue.


  • This is a reimbursement program; no money is given up front. Award money will be available to you only after you have completed your project.
  • Funds will be expended within 12 months of award notification.
  • Food, lodging, and fund-raising are not funded by NBCC.
  • Any changes in location or date must be approved in writing by the NBCC.
  • Receipts are required for reimbursement.
  • __________________________________



    1. Based on the Community Input Survey, the NBCC will give priority to those field trip applications that offer learning opportunities that directly connect to existing school curriculum. .

    2. Schools are eligible based on population in the ranges posted below:

    • Under 150 students = max $500
    • 151-250 = max $1,000
    • 251- 400 = max $1,250
    • 401- 750 = max $1,500
    • 751- 1,000= max $1,650
    • 1,001 – 1,250 =max $1,800
    • 1,251-1,500 = max $2,000
    • 1,501-2,000 = max $2,250
    • 2,001+ = max 2,500<

    2. In one paragraph, please describe how this trip/program directly connects or relates to classroom learning. and what previous learning and follow-up will occur to deepen this experience?

    3. In the event that more than one class plans to attend one and the same event on the same date and time, the school may submit one application on the behalf of those classes, provided that the total budget does not exceed the maximum grant
    request allowed.

    4. Funds CAN used for programs that take place in school during school hours.

    5. Tickets for events must be purchased in advance by the applicant, who is later reimbursed by the local cultural council. Please remember to include invoices when submitting for reimbursement.

    6. If a large number of applications are submitted in a given cycle, schools and organizations submitting multiple applications must prioritize their requests

    How Grant Recipients Are Paid

    Reimbursement Grants

    FY22 Funding List

    Name Project Title Amount
    New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center, Inc. Fishboats: Art of the Commercial Fishing Industry $2,000
    Anthi Frangiadis Front and Centre: Music, Art & Culture $3,200
    James J. Robitaille Jim Robitaille Group $2,400
    Our Sisters' School, Inc. African Drumming Enrichment Club $2,104
    New Bedford Preservation Society, Inc. DETOUR- Exploring the People and Places of Historic New Bedford $2,450
    MUSIC Hip Hop Dance Chair Exercise for Seniors! $480
    New Bedford Museum and Art Center, Inc. Teen Artist Internship Program (TAIP) $3,000
    New Bedford Museum and Art Center, Inc. Access to the Arts $2,400
    Scott Bishop Scapeghost Presents: Unexpected Music $3,200
    Edward L. Cope, Jr. Sea Life Balloon Animal Twisting Workshop $360
    Matt York Songs and Stories - The Highwaymen $225
    Co-Creative Center, Inc. Co Creative Sessions $4,000
    AHA! New Bedford PRIDE AHA! Night, June 9, 2022 $4,000
    New Bedford Symphony Orchestra Association, Inc. Young People's Concert 2022: Gravity in Space and Sound $3,800
    Dream Out Loud Center, Inc. The Student Showcase $3,200
    Motoko Dworkin Origami Storigami $500
    New Bedford High School Drama Club NBHS Drama Club presents Godspell $3,200
    Sarah Donner Stove Boat Concert Series $3,200
    Old Dartmouth Historical Society Creature Feature $4,000
    Practice Best Practice Practice Best Practice Workshops $1,600
    Ron Fortier MOBY DICK: Chapter 87 - The Grand Armada $2,800
    Southeastern Massachusetts Educational Collaborative Mindfulness/Yoga/Hand-On Art Projects/Journaling $3,200
    Gallery X, Inc. Gallery X Unplugged $3,600
    Henry Lappen Henry the Juggler Performance $360
    SUPERFLAT New Bedford, Inc. Hummingbird Project $4,000
    Tri-County Music Association, Inc. Complimentary Senior Tickets $100
    MUSIC I am Autistic I am Fantastic $464
    YWCA of Southeastern Massachusetts, Inc. YWCA Youth Services $800
    New Bedford Ballet Foundation, Inc. Swan Lake $3,000
    Museum of Bad Art, Inc. MOBA 101 and Living in Tough Times $400
    Your Theatre, Inc. 10th Annual New Bedford JazzFest $3,200
    Buy Black NB Black in Business: Vendor Market $2,000
    Buy Black NB Black In Business Holiday Vendor Market $750
    Coastal Foodshed, Inc. Showcasing Local Musicians & Local Food $3,025
    Old Colony Historical Society Passport to History 2022 $120
    Zeiterion Theatre, Inc. Teen Ambassadors $3,200
    Andrew Anello BodyBodyBody and Riverside Beats $4,000
    Rhonda M Fazio Dyeing to Wear It: Creating Community through Color $1,250
    Gnome, Inc. Happy Camp $1,200
    Old Dartmouth Historical Society IGNITE Youth Art Showcase $2,660
    Global Learning Charter Public School GLCPS Drama Club - Moana $1,000
    Rotch-Jones-Duff House & Garden Museum, Inc. Shakespeare in NB 2022 - A Midsummer Night’s Dream $4,000
    Lauren Savoia Boys and Girls Club art Program $3,200
    Cape Verdean Recognition Committee, Inc. 50th Annual Cape Verdean Recognition Parade $3,200
    New Bedford Economic Development Council, Inc. Seaport Art Walk $4,000
    Spinner Publications, Inc. Spinner Discussion Series: Paul Cuffe $3,500
    Ron Fortier The Artists Index - Musical Artists In-Focus Podcasts $2,800
    Ron Fortier The Artists Index - Theater Artists In-Focus Podcasts $2,800
    Downtown New Bedford, Inc. New Bedford Holiday Stroll $3,000
    Brooke Baptiste Reggae On West Beach $4,000
    SouthCoast Children's Theatre, Inc. SouthCoast Children's Theatre presents " James and the Giant Peach" $2,000
    Community Economic Development Center of Southeastern Massachusetts Patio de Comida $3,200
    Massachusetts Design Art & Technology Institute, Inc. Using STEAM to Create Public Art: 3D Wall Mural $4,000
    The Coalition for Buzzards Bay, Inc. Discover Buzzards Bay: New Bedford $2,000
    Your Theatre, Inc. Jazz at AHA! $2,500
    Friends of Cape Verdean Culture Committee Acushnet Ave Band Club Mural $2,400
    People Acting in Community Endeavors, Inc. New Bedford Clemente Course $3,200
    Marilyn Morales Duo Pianists, Composers & Educators Whipple & Morales in Concert $1,200
    Rhonda M Fazio SNAP to the MAX $1,440
    Ron Fortier The Artists Index - Podcast Transcription $2,800
    New Bedford Light, Inc. New Bedford Light Cultural Calendar $2,000
    New Bedford Festival Theatre, Inc. New Bedford Festival Theatre Summer Academy 2022 Beauty and the Beast and Beyond! $3,200
    Danielle Marston Southcoast Terrapin Headstart Project $250
    Your Theatre, Inc. YTI Summer Season 2022 (revised application) $4,000
    South Coast Children's Chorus One South Coast - Unity on Our Community $4,000
    Erik Andrade Um Frenti Unido - Cape Verdean Cultural Showcase $2,000
    The Performing Arts Collective, Inc. The Collective's 2022 Summer Series $3,200
    Merri Cyr Lewis Hines Photo Project $2,000
    Rhonda M Fazio Game Unplugged $1,600

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