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Lynn Cultural Council

2022 GRANT APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday, October 17, 2022. Grant applications must be submitted online!

Beginning this year (2018/2019) Grants will be paid in advance instead of on a reimbursement basis. Once a grant is approved the grantee must submit a Grant Acceptance form. At that time the grant will be processed and paid. When the program is complete the grantee must submit a Final Report within two weeks,

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Sunil Gulab, Administrator

c/o Lynn Museum
590 Washington Street
Lynn, MA 01901-1406

FY23 LCC Grant Cycle Details to Come.

FY22 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Express Yourself, Inc. Wild & Free $600
Kirsten Bassion Lydia Pinkham Open Studios $2,150
MUSIC Hip Hop Dance Chair Exercise for Seniors! $500
Goldfish Pond Association, Inc. Spring Flower Planting at Goldfish Pond $500
Matt York Songs and Stories - The Highwaymen $300
Salem United, Inc. Negro Election Day Program! Exhibition $500
Ethnic Arts Center of Somerville, Inc. Part 2-Around the World Preschool Puppetry Arts Festival at Gregg House $1,750
Ethnic Arts Center of Somerville, Inc. Part 2-Around the World School-Age Puppetry Arts Festival val at Gregg House $1,750
RAW Art Works, Inc. RAW Chiefs: RAW's paid, leadership program for teens $3,000
Arts After Hours, Inc. Short & Scary $1,000
David Simmons Music at Lynn Farmers Market $1,000
Demakes Family YMCA Lynn Multicultural Arts Festival $2,500
Goldfish Pond Association, Inc. Live Local Band at Goldfish Pond $500
Cultura Latina Dance Academy, Inc. CLDA 2022 $5,000
Jacob Fay Short Film $500
Annette Sykes Artist Annette Sykes Teaches How to Draw People at GALA $1,000
Galleries At LynnArts, Inc. Series of Individual Classes by GALA Member Artists $3,500
Daniel Donator This Is Lynn Mobile Art Exhibition $500
Sally Jacobson Beginner Cyanotype Workshop $700
Margerita Varga-Nadj Lynn Chamber Players $1,000
The Brickyard Collaborative, Inc. The Brickyard Teach the Teacher $1,800
The Brickyard Collaborative, Inc. The Brickyard Student Sponsorship $500
The Brickyard Collaborative, Inc. The Brickyard Small Business Sponsorship $500
The Brickyard Collaborative, Inc. The Brickyard Veteran Sponsorship $500
The Brickyard Collaborative, Inc. The Brickyard Veteran Membership with Studio $500
The Brickyard Collaborative, Inc. Student Education Program $500
Joe Skahan Horticulture Heroes: After School Science Club $1,300
Julie Pyram Visiting the Freedom Trail $241
Friends of the Lynn Public Library, Inc. 2022 Summer Reading Program $5,000
Noube Rateau North Shore Media Expo $2,000
Kevin Fidrych A Historical Tour of Justice and Freedom Through the Lens of Revolutionary Boston $900
RAW Art Works, Inc. Ghosts of Lynn Makeover $600
Jozef Nadj North Shore Music Center $1,000
Jozef Nadj Jazz Festival $1,000
Sarah M. Guerin Ten Footer Shoe Shops - History & Living Traditions $500
Jacquelyn Fitzhugh Goldfish Pond Arts Fest $1,100
Diverse People United Anti-Racist Education Program $1,000
Cultura Latina Dance Academy, Inc. CLDA Goes to The Theater $1,000
Alan Bercy Boda Borg / Escape the Room $500
Tristan Smith Lynn All City Track Meet $250
Carla Beatrice Survivor Nest Project $2,500
Howard Newman Knock on Wood, acoustic folk-rock duo $450
Michelle Guzman Lynn on the Trolley $600
Michelle Guzman 1860 Women Shoemaker' Strike $800
Michelle Guzman 2022 Lynn Shoemaker's Day $500
Michelle Guzman Guatemalan Folklore Dance $700
Michelle Guzman Trails & Sails 2022 $600
Michelle Guzman International Lynn Seniors $750
Beyond Walls, Inc. Taking the Classroom $500
Family & Children's Service of Greater Lynn, Inc. 2022 Youth Development Programs $650
Tia E Cole StoryTellers $1,000
Michelle Richardson DENCITY Soulcase and Open Mic @ Lynn Parks $9,300
Prevent the Cycle BIPOC Literacy Initiative $1,000
Brickett Elementary School Culturally aware and inclusive library space at Brickett $1,500
Alexander Vavilov Soundscape Visions $500
Galleries At LynnArts, Inc. Help with rent $6,000
Galleries At LynnArts, Inc. 3 Paint Nites $800
Ralph Tufo Beyond the Blues $3,000
Brickett Elementary School Cultural Series at the Brickett School $1,100
Diverse People United Youth Rising Summit $500
The REAL Program, Inc Lynn the City of Readers $1,000
The Friends of Lynn & Nahant Beach, Inc Red Rock Art Fair $1,000
Brickett Elementary School Brickett School - Exploring Ecosystems along Lynn Shores $1,000
Brickett Elementary School Parent Engagement, Cultural Inclusiveness Initiative at the Brickett School $500
Alison Miller Progre$$ for Who? $500
Edwin Cabrera Lynn Hip Hop Wall of Fame $500
Lynn Historical Society, Inc. Yoga & Mindfulness for the Community $1,000
Jose Camacho Blank Canvas Project $800
Lynn Historical Society, Inc. Khmer Identity Exhibition $750
Emmanuelle Le Gal Art inspired by the new bike path in Lynn $1,750
Gregory Cook Wonderland Spectacle Co. | Video: Northern Strand and Saugus River $475
Michelle Richardson Raining Poetry/Llueve Poesia $1,300
Lynn Historical Society, Inc. "In Her Shoes" Film Screening & Panel Discussion $500
Thomas Jones Musary International Music Workshop $1,000
Threads 4 Care, Inc. Threads 4 Care Free Boutique $250
Divya Anand Understanding Implicit Bias & “Think outside the Book” Trainings $500
Titi Ngwenya Brave Space Book Club $200
Prevent the Cycle Afro Diaspora Conversations $6,000

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