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Lunenburg Cultural Council

The mission of the Lunenburg Cultural Council is to nurture and promote a diverse range of artistic and cultural programs for the benefit of Lunenburg and surrounding communities. We accomplish this through annual allocation of state grants for local projects and by producing cultural events using locally-raised funds. The Lunenburg Cultural Council recognizes that the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences form an important part of Lunenburg’s history, identity, and vision. We are committed to nurturing our artistic community through supporting events that are accessible, collaborative, and fun for Lunenburg residents and visitors of all ages.


Daniel Burns

Town Hall
17 Main Street
Lunenburg, MA 01462

FY22 Allocation


FY22 Local Priorities

In addition to the criteria set by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Lunenburg Cultural Council has identified the following requirements and priorities for granting our local funds.



Time/Venue Required – Applicants MUST provide documentation of an arranged venue for their activity and a specific date or range of dates. If your event is confirmed but the date for your event has NOT been set, you MUST provide a letter from your venue detailing their intent to set a date for your project. For open-ended projects, you MUST specify when and how your project will be available for public benefit.

Partners and advisors – When you are listing local contributors/partners, please provide names and list their qualifications and in what way they will be assisting you.


The Lunenburg Cultural Council develops its funding priorities in response to community feedback, gathered annually. Based on responses from our 2019 survey, we will give priority to programs that address:

– Community wide gatherings (festivals, concerts, plays, etc.)
– Professional development of local artists through community projects
– Project celebrating local history and cultural diversity
– Arts education in the schools

In addition, the Council will prioritize applications that demonstrate:

– Evidence of track record, demonstrated planning, and dedication of the applicant
– Support from the venue or local community organization (include a letter of support)
– Ability to address the diverse cultural needs of our community’s underserved populations or support diverse forms of cultural activities
– Consideration and explanation of how their venue and programming will address the needs of people with disabilities, including disabilities that may not be identifiable by others.

FY22 Local Guidelines

Effective September 1, 2015

Proposals and Application Checklist

The Lunenburg Cultural Council, in partnership with the Massachusetts Cultural Council awards funds each fall. These funds are granted to qualified individuals and organizations to support cultural projects that benefit the community.

Eligible disciplines include arts, humanities and interpretive sciences. Applications are sought annually and evaluated on a competitive basis. Grants typically range between $100 and $500. Larger awards are given on occasion.


Applicants can be: a) arts, humanities or interpretive science organizations; b) individuals including artists, science educators, historians or other humanists, parents, community members, etc.; c) community organizations including, but not limited to schools, social service organizations, civic groups, churches, neighborhood centers, youth, senior and family associations, etc. Incorporated organizations must be nonprofit; unincorporated associations must have a nonprofit purpose.


Applications for grants are evaluated by a committee appointed by the Board of Selectmen comprised of Lunenburg resident volunteers. The committee will evaluate each application by the following criteria: artistic, humanistic or scientific quality, value to the community, quality of planning, community support, number of community members affected by the project, local sponsorship, and educational value of programming. School related proposals must be for enrichment activities and not for programs, supplies or salaries that should be part of the school budget. Repeat application projects or programs that have been funded in previous years will be carefully scrutinized; such proposals should include other sources of support to show the project is not dependent solely on Council funding.

Application Procedure and Location

All applicants must submit their proposal on an official application form. Forms are available at the Town Clerk’s office or from any member of the council. The application form can also be completed online and printed out for submission to the Council. Go to When filling out the application, use the space provided to answer questions. One additional 8 1/2″ x 11″ page to complete questions is allowed. Completed applications must be received at the Town Clerk’s Office (located at Town Hall) by October 15th (if the 15th falls on a weekend day or a holiday, the next business day is acceptable), a valid postmark is acceptable.

Field Trip Grants

Field Trip Grants provide funds for the purchase of tickets and/or transportation for cultural field trips for children (preK-12) in public, private and parochial schools, as well as those in special needs, after-school and other youth groups. Activities, which include performances, educational tours or exhibits and museum visits, must take place outside of the school setting. Tickets must cost $12 or less. Field Trip application forms are available in the same locations as the general application form.

Support Materials

Applicants are required to submit one set of supporting materials. These may include slides, tapes, videocassette, resume, publicity, critical reviews, and/or printed materials. Letters of support/commitment from sponsoring organizations are strongly encouraged. If an applicant states that he/she will be working with another person or organization, or conducting the project in a specific facility, a letter of commitment or agreement from the individual/organization/facility’s representative must be submitted with the application.


1) Projects must demonstrate their relationship to the town.

2) Projects must be completed within one year of the date of the final written notice of grant award approved locally and

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Reimbursement Grants

Apply Now

Review Complete LCC Program Guidelines

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