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The priority of the Deerfield Cultural Council is to bring new and varied programs to all ages of our population. We award the funds to the applicant in each category that will reach the most residents.

1. We try to allocate intergenerationally, events that are accessible to all ages will be prioritized.

2. We give preference to events that take place in town or have free or reduced ticket prices for our residents.

3. We give preference to applicants that have a plan for COVID-19 in the event that it’s necessary. Events can be offered online (ex. Via Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) and/or outdoors, or have an established rescheduling plan with the venue.

4. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that persons with disabilities have access to public programs or services on an equal basis with the rest of the general public. Furthermore, federal law mandates that any programs or service that receives federal or state funding must be accessible to persons with disabilities and reasonable accommodation be made to provide an accessible environment. Therefore, all events and programs funded by the LCCs must consider access for persons with disabilities, including the facility or event location as well as the content of the program. To ensure equitable access, an applicant’s first step is a candid assessment and identification of barriers (physical, virtual, cultural, communication) followed by a bold and innovative plan for improvement. If an applicant puts forward a proposal for a project with strong potential for public benefit, but the Local Cultural Council has concerns about access for persons with disabilities, the council may choose to award a conditional approval. This would allow the applicant the opportunity address the concerns and improve access as a condition of receiving the grant.

5. If the event is to be held in person, you, as the applicant, must provide the venue and indicate that you have received permission to use that venue. < 6. Generally smaller grants are more likely to be funded. (We are splitting up a very small pie.) We cannot stress enough the need for the applicant to have an approved plan with a venue and a budget in place before applying. This confirms that our community is invested in the event and will work towards its success.

7. We give priority to projects that increase awareness of cultural diversity and/or elevate the voices of historically marginalized groups. Projects should create opportunities for artists and community members who identify as BIPOC, LGBTQX, refugee, immigrant, or persons living with a disability. Projects may include coalition building, research, leadership, and youth development.


Emily Gaylord

Deerfield Town Hall
8 Conway Street
Deerfield, MA 01373-1021

Application Information

FY25 details to come.

FY24 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Dear Ella Dear Ella Concert $250
Elkus, Eli Musical Storytelling Summer Reading Concert $250
Franklin County Pride, Inc. Franklin County Pride $375
Franklin Land Trust, Inc. Mushroom Workshop $250
Frontier Regional High School International Night: Celebrating Global Diversity and Unity $700
Happier Valley Comedy, Inc. Happier Valley Comedy Short Form Improv Show $250
Human Agenda Theater Human Agenda Theater 2024 Season $250
Inglese, Judith History Flows Like a River, A Ceramic Mural Installation for the Town Offices/Police Complex $700
Kline, Carrie Music of Appalachia and Small Town America $200
Local Access to Valley Arts On the Boards '24 $100
MUSIC Hip Hop Chair Dance for Seniors! $100
Pioneer Valley Symphony, Inc. “Oliver Towne” - 2024 Education Concert $200
Piti Theatre Company The Princes of Deerfield $300
Snyder, Sara Joy of Song Singalongs $375
Stockwell, Bernadette Deerfield:: Do Your ARt! $250
The Nolumbeka Project, Inc. Pocumtuck Homelands Festival: A Celebration of Native American Art, Music and Cultures $250
The Nolumbeka Project, Inc. Full Snow Moon Gathering & Eastern Woodlands Social Dance $250
Tilton Library Pop-Up Watercolor Class for Adults $100
Tilton Library Community Building Dance Workshop $100
Tilton Library Playful Engineers $250
Tincknell, Roger L. Under One Sky: A Cerebration of Diversity $250
York, Matt Matt York - Songs & Stories: The Highwaymen $250

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