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Danvers Cultural Council

The Danvers Cultural Council is pleased to be among the communities of Massachusetts to support and promote access for all ages to enjoy the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences in partnership with the Massachusetts Cultural Council. We strive to create opportunities to broaden and enrich the vitality of the town and our residents.

Our criteria include an emphasis on new or time-honored projects of local artists, performers and instructors, cultural organizations’ programs and classes, events for all levels of schoolchildren, family-oriented events and programs for senior citizens in Danvers.

2021 Danvers Cultural Council meetings dates are Tuesday, November 16 and Tuesday, November 30 at 7:00pm. These meetings will take at the Danvers Senior Center, 25 Stone Street, Danvers, MA 01923. For more information or questions please email the Danvers Council Chair, Mary Beth Verry, at


Mary Beth Verry

c/o Danvers Recreation Dept.
1 Sylvan Street
Danvers, MA 01923-2700

FY22 Allocation


FY22 Local Priorities

    Priority will be given to the following:

  • Applicants that attend the first Danvers Cultural Council meeting on Tuesday, November 16, 2021. This allows for the council to ask questions of the applicant to better understand the grant application.
  • Programs that support diversity and inclusion for all residents in the Town of Danvers.
  • In person events taking place outdoors.
  • Artists projects that would benefit studio art and music projects in the schools in Danvers.
  • Preference for programs with an emphasis on healing and helping the community to build connections.

Priority will be given to requests/applications that would have the greatest impact on the members of the Danvers community. All projects are required to be held in Danvers. Grant applicants should already be working with a Danvers organization or group for their performance or program.

All applications shall come through the MCC online application system.

Our funds are solely from an annual allocation of the Mass. Cultural Council.

All grants made by the Danvers Cultural Council are reimbursement based.

Grant funds may not be used to purchase food or beverages.

2020 Danvers Cultural Council meeting dates are Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 7:00pm and Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 7:00pm. These meetings will take place in person at the Danvers Senior Center, 25 Stone Street, Danvers. If for any reason the Council needs to change the meeting location due to COVID-19 restrictions all applicants will be notified. For more information please contact current Council Chair Mary Beth Verry at

FY22 Local Guidelines

The purpose of the Danvers Cultural Council is to support public programs that promote excellence, education, diversity, and inclusion in the arts, humanities, and sciences to foster a rich cultural life in the Danvers community. The Danvers Cultural Council has the right and responsibility to award grants that address cultural needs specific to the Danvers community.

Applicants submit directly to the Danvers Cultural Council using the online application. Paper or mailed applications cannot be accepted. Applicants who need assistance filling out an application online should contact the Danvers Cultural Council Chair at Applicants are not required to mail additional hard copies to the council to which they are applying. Before applying, applicants should read the Danvers Cultural priorities for any additional instructions.

The Danvers Cultural Council STRONGLY encourages applicants to attend the council meetings so that the applicants can answer any questions that the council may have in determining funding for the proposed grant application. This year’s meetings will be held on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 7pm and November 30, 2021 at 7pm. Both meetings will be taking place at the Danvers Senior Center, 25 Stone Street, Danvers.

The Danvers Cultural Council is a reimbursement based payment. This process reimburses the grantee for funds they have expended. Once the project is complete, the grantee submits paperwork for reimbursement.

All applicants must submit completed applications by the statewide deadline, October 15th, 2021. Late applications cannot be accepted.
The Danvers Cultural Council may approve grants for a broad range of projects and programs, such as operating support, ticket subsidies, field trips, artist residencies, public art, fellowships, community events/programs, site specific projects, and other activities, based on local priorities.

Applicants may apply for grants for programs that take place during an 18-month window of eligibility from July 1st, preceding the application deadline in October, through December 31st of the following year. This means that applicants may apply for projects that have already happened or which happen prior to grant announcements, with the knowledge that funding is not guaranteed.
Those eligible to apply for a Danvers Cultural Council grant include the following:

Individuals. Individual applicants must show that a public benefit results from the project for which they are applying.
Individual members of Danvers Cultural Councils may apply for funding from the Danvers Cultural Council but must observe all conflict of interest laws and regulations in the granting process.
? Incorporated private nonprofit organizations.
? Unincorporated associations that can establish a nonprofit objective. A group of individuals coming together
with a common purpose (e.g., local community band, theater group) that do not have nonprofit status.
? Public schools, libraries, other municipal agencies, and the Local Cultural Council itself.
? Religious organizations. Religious organizations or groups with a religious affiliation are eligible to apply for funding of cultural programming that is available to the general public. LCCs can only approve applications that are primarily cultural in their intent and do not have the effect of advancing religion.

All grant applications to the Danvers Cultural Council must fall into one of the following categories: Arts, Humanities, and Sciences. This includes the study, pursuit, performance, exhibition, and appreciation of cultural activities in the broadest sense.

The Mass Cultural Council defines the arts, humanities, and sciences as the following:

? Arts refer to the creation of work in the crafts and performing, visual, media, folk, design, literary, and inter-disciplinary arts. In addition, they also include the presentation, preservation of, and education about works in these disciplines.
? Humanities are types of learning that deal with human values and aspirations, human thought and culture, language, and creativity. Examples include, but are not limited to, history, social studies, philosophy, criticism, and literature.
? Science is limited to its cultural, interpretive, and educational expression and refers to types of learning that deal with nature, science, and technology in ways that explain how they relate to people?s lives. Some organizations that conduct this type of activity include aquariums, botanical gardens, nature centers, natural history museums, planetariums, and science centers.
Public Benefit. The Danvers Cultural Council funds must be used to support activities that contribute to the cultural vitality of the community rather than benefiting any private individual or group. However, this does not mean that a large crowd of people needs to participate to satisfy the public benefit requirement. Whenever possible, activities funded by Danvers Cultural Council should be available to the public or community by exhibit, performance, demonstration, reading, or other means. Programs do not need to be in-person to provide public benefit. Virtual and remote programming are also effective ways to make programming available to the public while supporting efforts to maintain and promote public health.

Non-Discrimination. In accordance with state law, the Danvers Cultural Council does not discriminate against applicants and/or programs on the basis of age, ability, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, nationality, geographic origin, or immigration, military, or socio-economic status. Nor does the Danvers Cultural Council fund projects that discriminate based on these attributes.
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that persons with disabilities have access to public programs or services on an equal basis with the rest of the public. Furthermore, federal law mandates that any programs or service that receives federal or state funding must be accessible to persons with disabilities and here must by reasonable accommodation made to provide an accessible environment. All events and programs funded by the Danvers Cultural Council must consider access for persons with disabilities, including the facility or event location as well as the content of the program. To ensure equitable access, an applicant?s first step is a candid assessment and
identification of barriers (physical, virtual, cultural, communication) followed by a bold and innovative plan for improvement.

For more information please visit

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Reimbursement Grants

FY22 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
MUSIC Hip Hop Dance Chair Exercise for Seniors! $300
Riverside Elementary School Dance Urbanity $1,000
Riverside Elementary School Project Adventure for 5th grade at Riverside $1,200
Davis R. Bates III The Places You'll Go: A Summer Reading Performance $400
Stephen Lewis Diversity - An International Poster Exhibit $32
Danvers Educational Enrichment Program, Inc. Danvers Holiday Festival and Tree Lighting $2,182
Highlands School The Geography Game Show $1,000
Riverside Elementary School Theatre Espresso for 5th grade townwide $1,500
The Danvers Historical Society History, Harmony, and Hot Dogs $500
Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary Nature in your neighborhood - All about birds $250
Friends of the Peabody Institute Library, Inc. Friends of the Library Programming $1,000
Kendall Inglese Kamishibai Story & STEM (2) Jaguar, Penguin $300
Willis E. Thorpe Elementary School Project Adventure for 5th Graders at Thorpe Elementary School $1,710
Patton Homestead, Inc. 40th Anniversary Commemoration - The Wall That Heals at Patton Homestead – For background on this traveling exhibit , please see $1,500
The Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America Songs that Touch Our Hearts $400

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