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Chicopee Cultural Council

The Chicopee Cultural Council’s mission is to advance excellence and access to the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences. Through grants to artists, Arts organizations, independent council projects, volunteerism and community input, the Council aims to support local artists and enhance meaningful cultural experiences for the entire community. The Council strives towards good stewardship and community growth by contributing to our economic vitality and leveraging the power of the arts, culture and creativity for all citizens.

Cultural Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Projects that elevate the voices and experiences of historically-marginalized groups to highlight the current and historical diversity of Chicopee. Projects should create opportunities for artists and community members who identify as Black, Indigenous, a Person of Color, LGBTQ+, refugee, immigrant, or person living with a disability. Projects may include coalition building, research, leadership, and youth development.

Members 2021: Chairperson: Jeannette Rivera, Secretary Lisa Hagar, Treasurer Susan Morando-McAndrew, Vice-Treasurer and Information Tech: John Dumont, School Liaison-Sharon Jacobson Deragon, and members: Johnny Miranda-Alomar, Charles Laboy, Debra Sutherland, Mike Sutherland and Craig Harris, and Kelly Reid.

***Due to the coronavirus situation our monthly meetings at the library are being moved to Zoom virtual meetings.
For information, please email



Jeannette Rivera, Chair

PO Box 888
Chicopee, MA 01021

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FY22 Allocation


FY22 Local Priorities

The Chicopee Cultural Council has a October 15, 2021 deadline for organizations, schools, and individuals to apply for FY2022 grants that support cultural activities in the community. This funding encourages individuals, groups and not-for-profit organizations to bring to the community unique programming that centers around the arts, humanities, history or interpretive sciences for children, adults or intergenerational groups.

* The project MUST take place between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31,2022
* Projects must take place in Chicopee unless the grantee or Council is working with other local cultural councils.
* Applicants must reside or be located in Massachusetts.
* Transportation and chaperone costs for field trips cannot be funded.
* Refreshments (food and beverages) cannot be funded.
* Scholarship applications will be considered only if applicant is an organization applying on behalf of an individual, if there is proof of a fair selection process, and if the council finds sufficient public benefit.
*Capital expenses (items valued over $500 with life of over 3 years) for municipal agencies and all other applicants are reimbursable.
* Project salaries for municipal employees may be eligible, if applicable guidelines are met.
* It is essential that all successful applicants submit their required paperwork in an accurate and timely manner.

FY22 Local Guidelines

Please contact the Chicopee Chicopee Council at with questions.
All written correspondence should be addressed to : Chicopee Cultural Council, P. O. Box 888, Chicopee, MA 01021

The focus of proposals should remain similar to past years- community oriented arts, humanities and science programs. This year the Council is encouraging new applicants to apply for grants. The deadline to apply for 2022 Grants is October 15, 2021. Proposals past the deadline date will not be considered. For information on how to apply for grants contact the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

The Chicopee Cultural Council is part of a network of Local Cultural Councils serving all 351 cities and towns in the Commonwealth. The LCC Program is the largest grassroots cultural funding network in the nation, supporting thousands of community -based projects in the arts, sciences and humanities each year. The state legislature provides an annual appropriation to the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency which allocates funds to each community.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Direct Grants

FY22 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Bowie School Bowie School Old Sturbridge Village $600
Chicopee Parks & Recreation Fourth of July Concert Celebration $1,000
Gregory Maichack Jellyfish: How to Pastel Paint $500
Chicopee Public Schools Food Service Department The Landscape of School Lunch $5,000
Chicopee Parks & Recreation Aldenville Commons Summer Concert Series $1,500
Chicopee Public Library Andy & Judy in Concert $500
Robert Comeau Chicopee Historical Tours $600
MUSIC Hip Hop Dance Chair Exercise for Seniors! $600
Matt York Songs and Stories - The Highwaymen $450
Patrick E. Bowe School Old Sturbridge Village $750
Authors and Artists Festival Authors and Artists Festival $300
Susan Urban Polish Art history with Connections to European Art Movement $350
Hilltown Families, Inc. Hilltown Families Suggests $350
Chicopee Public Library Yoga with Carolyn Ruszala $300
Edward L. Cope, Jr. Ed the Wizard's Alchemy Laboratory $450
Cynthia Barrett Emma and Belley: Little Detectives, A Bilingual Book $200
Pioneer Valley Concert Band Sounds of Summer 2022 $2,500
Chicopee Public Library The Roots of Black Music in America $450
Craig Harris Watsky Drum Away the Blues $900
Craig Harris Watsky Drum Away the Blues: Primary $900
Craig Harris Watsky A Celebration of Music $900
Craig Harris Watsky The Indigenous in Chicopee $1,100
Chicopee Public Library Drumming with Ellen Clegg $350
The Fourth Wall, Inc. Performance for Military Families at Westover $3,500
Motoko Dworkin Folktales from Asia $500
All Our Kids, Inc. Tanglewood Marionettes Come to Chicopee $775
Henry Lappen Henry the Juggler Performance $450
The Polish Genealogical Society of Massachusetts Exploring Family History with Stephen P. Morse $600
Gregory Maichack The Jellyfish: How to Pastel Paint $500
Stephen Lewis Worker Struggles - An International Poster Exhibit $210
Melanie Boutin Old Sturbridge Village Field Trip $800
St. Joan of Arc/St. George School From Paper to Performance: Playmaking Through Storytelling $1,440
Alex Leff Cycle of Memory $1,000
Sarah Clay Stolen Moments $450
Kirk Whipple Duo Pianists, Composers & Educators Whipple & Morales in Concert $825
Paul Sticca Summer Concert Series $600
Anna E. Barry School School Enrichment $1,220
Lambert Lavoie Elementary School Tanglewood Marionettes at Lambert Lavoie $1,400
Valley Arts Mentors Virtual Mentorship Program and Webinar Series $600
Hiding In Plain Sight, Inc. Creative Care Workshop $4,077
All Our Kids, Inc. Fostering Connections at the Science Center $1,120
kelly reid Chicopee Monthly $500
Marylou Ferrante Banjo Pickin' Gals $450
Rich Plasse Name That Tv Theme $440
Kristen Chin Snow Money $500
ChicopeeTV Center Stage $2,000
Boys & Girls Club of Chicopee, Inc. Visual Arts Program & Art Show $1,800
Bill Halloran Live Blues Dance Party $400
Ethnic Arts Center of Somerville, Inc. The Three Bears to Juan Bobo FOLKTALES ALIVE! Watch, Make, & Share Project $1,500
Small Planet Dancers The Greatest Generation: A Tribute to the Heroes of WWII $500
Patrick E. Bowe School Zonda Dance $2,600
The Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts, Inc. Si Se Puede -Yes We Can $3,000
Maurice Lindsay Caribbean Connection $500
Sara Campbell Where America's Day Begins $200
Deena Peters Ceramic Painting $850
Johnny Miranda Black Art $1,500
Chicopee Public Schools Snack and Paint with Brush it Off $8,400
Patrick E. Bowe School Crystal Clear Science $2,000
Chicopee Public Schools Mystic Aquarium Field Trip $1,137
Sheldon Smith Luggage Project $2,000
Novi Cantori of Greater Springfield, Inc. Novi Cantori Winter Concert $600

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