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Chelsea Cultural Council

The Chelsea Cultural Council is a volunteer board supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Council members encourage culture and diversity in the City of Chelsea by funding projects in the arts, humanities, and sciences that provide a local benefit.

Who We Are
The Chelsea Cultural Council is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the local residents of the City of Chelsea. Our purpose is to support public programs that promote excellence, access, education, and diversity in the arts, humanities, and sciences in Chelsea. Our primary responsibility is to reallocate funds that have been disbursed by the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC). The MCC receives an annual appropriation from the State Legislature and from the National Endowment of the Arts. Part of the MCC funds is then allocated to a grassroots network of 329 Local Cultural Councils (LCCs) statewide. Each LCC, including the Chelsea Cultural Council, has the obligation to distribute these funds through grants to individuals, schools, and organizations for projects in the arts, humanities and sciences that address the cultural needs and objectives of the City of Chelsea.

The Council is composed of volunteers appointed by Chelsea’s City Manager, and approved by the City Council. Chelsea Cultural Council meetings generally occur on the last Tuesday of each month. All regularly scheduled meetings are open to the public.

What We Do
The Chelsea Cultural Council reviews grant applications from individuals, schools, and organizations for arts, humanities, and science projects including cultural field trips, that provide a local public benefit.

The Chelsea Cultural Council aims to fund projects that help unite Chelsea through a shared commitment to the arts and culture in the city. Integrating arts in the community and increasing their visibility in Chelsea is highly recommended for the proposed projects. Ultimately, the Chelsea Cultural Council strives to highlight, emphasize, and publicize compelling aspects of the city through the practice and enjoyment of art and culture.


Health and Human Services
500 Broadway Room 100
Chelsea, MA 02150-2948

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Application Information

FY24 Allocation


FY24 Local Priorities

In 2024, Chelsea will mark its 400th anniversary of its founding in 1624. The Council welcomes those interested in developing special 400th anniversary–related programs and events to apply.
The maximum grant request is $5,000. A larger request may be considered based on merit.

FY24 Local Guidelines

1. Online Applications must be submitted by Tuesday, October 17, 2023.
2. Projects must be implemented between January 1, 2024 and December 31, 2024.
3. Projects must be related to the arts, humanities, and sciences and be based in Chelsea. The arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences, includes the study, pursuit, performance, exhibition and appreciation of cultural activities in the broadest sense.
4. Grant awards must be used to support activities that contribute to the cultural vitality of the community as a whole, rather than benefiting any private individual or group. Whenever possible, projects should be available to the general public by exhibit, performance, demonstration, reading or other means.
5. Applicants interested in partnering with schools or organizations for events and/or intend to host an event at a venue not under their direct control must obtain a letter from the venue’s management stating that venue management agrees to allow the applicant to use the space for the event on the date(s) intended. The letter must be on official letterhead, include a current date with signature and be submitted with the application.
6. Applicants planning events involving independent contractors (including, but not limited to: artists, performers, and vendors) are strongly advised to obtain letters of participation from the independent contractors and submit them with the grant application. These letters should be on official letterhead and include a current date with signature. Applications involving independent contractors without letters of engagement may be less competitive.
7. Applicants interested in creating public works of art must obtain a letter of support from the City of Chelsea’s Department of Public Works and the Department of Planning and Development and submit the letter with the grant application. The letter must be on official letterhead and include a current date with signature.
8. Grant Recipients may not receive funding for more than two (2) years without any change in project scope (i.e. target audience, participants, content, etc.)
9. Award funds cannot be used to purchase food or drink. All items purchased for the project must be disclosed on the application.
10. Whenever possible, applicants are encouraged to submit project estimates from vendors to support proposed budget.

NOTE: The Chelsea Cultural Council encourages applicants to apply for funds from other sources because local council funding is not intended to be used as the sole source of funding for projects of a continuing nature. For a list of other funding sources contact:

The Chelsea Cultural Council is participating in a MCC initiative that allows those who are awarded a LCC Standard Grant to be given direct grant funds upfront and in full (a one time payment), to ease financial challenges grant recipients may encounter however, grant recipients must follow certain requirements. Failure to adhere to the following may invalidate payment:

1. Award Letter, Grant Agreement, W-9
When the Chelsea Cultural Council notifies selected grantees of their award, they will be invited to attend an in-person meeting with CCC members to review the requirements and complete the documentation needed to receive the award funds upfront. This meeting is mandatory in order to receive their award.

Using the Grant Agreement, the grantee will accept the terms and conditions of the grant. The W-9 provides payment information for the municipal officer. Upon the receipt of the completed W9 and Grant Agreement, two council members will sign the Grant Agreement.

2. Grant Payments
Funds are released within four weeks of completing the Grant Agreement.

3. Final Report
A Final Report is required to be sent to the Chelsea Cultural Council within two (2) weeks of completing the funded program. Grantees are required to submit additional materials with their Final Report: advertisements, programs, press releases, or news articles.

If the Council is not satisfied that the project was completed as per the application and Grant Agreement, the Council will contact the grantee with their concerns and allow the grantee the opportunity to respond. Two council members and the grantee may work out a compromise solution, which should be finalized in writing. If a compromise cannot be reached, the council will formally request, in writing, repayment of funds in accordance with the Agreement.

In addition, if the grantee does not expend all of the funds for the approved program/event, the remaining funds must be returned to the council to be placed in the Council revolving account. Grantees that do not repay the grant funds to the Chelsea Cultural Council risk jeopardizing future funding in accordance with LCC grant agreement requirements.

Publicity Guidelines
Any projects funded by the MCC through the Chelsea Cultural Council must be publicly noted as follows: “This program is supported in part by a grant from the Chelsea Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.” Please see the Credit and Publicity Kit at for more information

Projects are related to the arts, humanities, and sciences and are based in Chelsea or used by Chelsea residents.

Projects contribute to the cultural vitality of the community as a whole, and whenever possible, should be available to the general public by exhibit, performance, demonstration, reading or other means.

Project implementation is between January 1, 2024 and December 31, 2024. All application fields and questions are thoroughly completed.

Application is signed and dated by applicant or authorized representative of the organization.

Letter from administration is included on official letterhead, with current date and signature when partnering with schools, organizations or the City of Chelsea. (refer to page 3)

Online Applications must be submitted by Tuesday, October 17, 2023.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Direct Grants

FY24 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Browne, Kyle Wisdom of our Elders $3,000
Bunker Hill Community College "Been There Chelsea" Sampler $2,868
Chacon, Edwardo Electronic Tobin $4,000
Chelsea Black Community, Inc. Black History Month Celebration and bus trip to National Museum of African American History and Culture $3,000
Chelsea Public Schools Frames for City Hall Art Show $1,000
City of Chelsea Licensing Department Chelsea Day/400th Anniversary Parade/Festival $3,000
Comite De Hondurenos Unidos de Massachusetts Central American Parade and Festival $3,000
Feldman, Jenna Art in the Park $3,000
Friends of Mary O'Malley Park LLC Kite Festival $2,000
Governor Bellingham Cary House Association History of Chelsea Celebration at the Governor Bellingham Cary House $2,500
MetaMovements LLC 400th Anniversary of Chelsea with Salsa In The Park! $4,000
People's African Methodist Episcopal Church Martin Luther King, Jr Breakfast $2,500
Selesnick, Herbert Jewish Chelsea 1920 - 1950 $3,500
Theatrezone, Inc. Apollinaire in the Park 2024 $4,000

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