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Cultural Council of Northern Berkshire

CCNB regrants funds from the Mass Cultural Council to individuals and organizations for projects in the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences. In addition, two individual artists are awarded $1000 each annually.

Eleven municipalities are represented. These municipalities are: Adams, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Florida, Hancock, Lanesborough, New Ashford, North Adams, Monroe, Savoy & Williamstown.


Cecilia Hirsch

PO Box 227
North Adams, MA 01247-0227

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Application Information

FY24 Allocation


FY24 Local Priorities

Our Council represents eleven mostly rural towns. In all our activity we seriously consider the challenges of creating community in the Northern Berkshires. We prioritize funding events and projects taking place within our municipalities, and/or where the applicant resides in one of our municipalities.
We aim to at least partially fund all proposals which receive strong reviews. We will never, however, support proposals which solely lead to personal commercial gain.

FY24 Local Guidelines

The Cultural Council of Northern Berkshire makes grants available to:

1- Individuals and organizations for project grants that have a community benefit
2- Schools and other non-profit educational entities
3- Two Individual artists, with the goal of supporting their public exhibition as a kick-off opportunity for the upcoming grant cycle.

When evaluating grants, the Council:
* Takes into account the challenges of creating community in the Northern Berkshires
* Prioritizes funding events and projects taking place within our 11 municipalities, and/or where the applicant resides in one of our 11 municipalities
* Does not support proposals which solely lead to personal commercial gain
* Accepts proposals with digital content, but considers the public benefit they bring to our 11 communities, as well as the grantee’s connection to these communities
* Aims to at least partially fund all proposals which receive strong scoring
* Asks that any member with a conflict of interest refrain from voting on that application

More information on venues:

Venues should be handicap accessible.

The Cultural Council of Northern Berkshire requires venue invitation letters in two instances:
1- If the applicant does not reside in the CCNB area, the application must contain a venue invitation letter signed by a representative from the local hosting venue, preferably on letterhead stationery, confirming that the event will take place at that venue. Phone and email contact information must be included.
2- If the applicant is not the hosting venue, but is using the venue for the project.

If a venue (school, library, theater, etc) is organizing and completing the project, no venue confirmation letter is needed. If a project is digital in delivery, no venue letter is needed.

More information on the artist grants:
1- Artists can note in their application that they would like to be considered for this grant, but this is not required.
2- The award may support any expense that enhances the artist’s ability to create his/her/ their work such as supplies, materials, equipment, rent, travel, residencies, etc.
3- Artists are chosen based on the excellence of the artist’s work as evidenced by samples of recent work submitted as part of the application as well as the potential of the project to advance the artist’s work. Relevance to our communities is often considered, but is not a requirement.
4- The chosen artists will work with the Cultural Council to create an exhibit/performance of the work created as a result of the grant in one of the eleven towns. During the run of the exhibit/performance, a reception for all grantees may also be held.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Reimbursement Grants

FY24 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Adams Council on Aging Adams Rythm Keepers $1,287
Adams Council on Aging The Colonial Theatre $451
Adams Free Library Library Programs 2024 $1,287
Adams Theater LLC The Adams Theater Pop-up Season 2024 $2,897
Anderson, Barrett Blues Stories: Culture & History told through Song & Narrative $450
Arts in Recovery for Youth Arts in Recovery for Youth $500
Baldwin, Carol Quilting 101 $200
Barbara and Eric Rudd Art Foundation, Inc. Free Museum Admission for North Adams Residents $418
Barrington Stage Company, Inc. Playwright Mentoring Project $644
Barton, Ricky Robot Paintings 2024 $951
Bates III, Davis R. A Song & Story Summer Reading Celebration $475
Bates III, Davis R. A Celtic Celebration: An Inter-generational Performance $475
Bates III, Davis R. A Celtic Celebration: A Performance for Seniors $475
Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter Public School BART Musical Theatre: Vocal Coach $500
Berkshire Music School, Inc. Willie was Different: A Musical Enrichment Program $966
Berkshire Pulse, Inc. Moving Life Stories for Drury High School Afterschool Program $1,287
Bruno, Roger A Celebration of Song: The Great American Songbook and Beyond $200
Canary, Alicia Making Paper with Invasive Plants $644
Canary, Alicia Pulp Painting Demonstration $618
Cheshire Community Association Cheshire Summer Festival $1,577
Cheshire Council on Aging Seniors to the Theatre 2024 $525
Cheshire Cultural Center The Cosmos LIVE at Cheshire Summer Stage $966
Cheshire Library Association Community programming for the Chehsihre Library $805
City of North Adams Farmers Market Make it at the Market $1,545
Clarksburg Town Library Story Time Series at the Clarksburg Town Library $2,092
Common Folk Artist Collective Common Folk Creative Programming $500
Common Folk Artist Collective Shared Studio & Lending Library $451
Community Images, Inc. Young@Heart $966
Cricket Creek Farm, Inc. Story Walk at Cricket Creek Farm $1,532
Daunis, Michael Concert Series Program $2,575
Doubiago, Karylee Berkshire Mountains Faerie Festival $1,931
Dunning, Catherine Life Drawing Program $708
Dworkin, Motoko Tales & Origami for Teens $386
Elkus, Eli Musical Storytelling & Folk Music at Windsor Lake $400
Emma L. Miller Memorial Elementary School School Beats! Drum & Rythm Program $901
Ferguson, Carrie Carrie Ferguson Family Music Concert $350
Fietta, Patricia Pondering Environmental Anxieties $901
Friends of the Lanesborough Public Library, Inc. Cultural Exposure Program $418
Future Labs Gallery, LLC Future Lab[s] Gallery presents The Glow Show - an adventure for the senses $901
Hancock Public Schools Birds of Prey and Reptiles $644
Heart & Soil Collective, Inc. Fruit and Vegetable Illustrated Recipe Cards $772
Hess, Molly Softriot (working Title) $1,931
Hilltown Families, Inc. Hilltown Families Suggests $250
Hirsch, Ghetta Painting for Seniors/Senior Art Show $772
Holmes, Isabelle Phil Kline's Unsilent Night $386
Hoosac Valley Elementary School Fall fever $354
Hoosic River Watershed Association, Inc. Haiku on the Hoosic $885
Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, Inc. Jacob’s Pillow On The Road $772
Jazz in the Berkshires, Inc. Jazz in the Berkshires $1,931
Karlen, Megan Weaving Connections $1,223
Kaye, Marjorie Star Clusters $854
Kids 4 Harmony Kids 4 Harmony $1,931
Lanesborough Public Library Music and Literacy Enrichment Program $644
Lewis, Bernice E. Songwriting Session (s) $612
MUSIC Hip Hop Chair Dance for Seniors! --a dance series $400
MUSIC I am Autistic I am Fantastic -- The Musical $500
Maichack, Gregory Painting Seascapes Inspired by Winslow Homer: Maintaining Habitats $357
Mankita, Jay Maker Space Build Along: Chain Reactions $451
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts 2024 Black Student Union Summit $644
Mendel, Lisa Mosaics $400
Mendel, Lisa Mosaic Projects $400
Monroe Historical Society Monroe Historical Society: Building Community, One Block (Party) at a Time $1,188
Monroe Historical Society Monroe Historical Society: Building Community, One Block (Party) at a Time $1,461
Mount Greylock Regional High School Fall Festival of Shakespeare 2023 $1,931
Mowinski, Melanie Designing for a Better World: Social Justice in Communication Design $451
Nadler, Charlie Pop-Up Punchlines $1,609
Nelson, Dawn "'The Freedom of the Brush" $869
New England Puppet Arts 2024 Adams Paint Out $1,287
North Berkshire Community Dance North Berkshire Community Contra Dance $483
Northern Berkshire Chorale Celebrating Diversity, Spring 2024 Concert $250
Nutshell Playhouse, Inc. Nutshell Playhouse at Bascom Lodge $400
Ouellet, Alvin "PAINTING THE TOWN: Celebrating Adams. MA." En Plein Air Painting Workshop Series $1,337
Parkman, Mary Hannah Field and Forest Tai Chi $483
Pine Cobble School, Inc. Field Trips $644
Pruyne, Linda Holding Your Hand While Strumming $483
Pruyne, Linda Printing Music Lessons $349
Pruyne, Linda Open Mic Everyone Can Like $644
Pruyne, Linda Ukulele for Everyone $418
Roomful of Teeth Vocal Arts Project, Inc. Roomful of Teeth Residency with Pamela Z and The Living Earth Show $1,609
Runciman, Matthew Creative Songwriting From Life Experiences $500
Runciman, Matthew Bring Open Mic Back to the Northern Berkshires $515
Salmeron, Anna Future Lab[s] Gallery Experiment #3 $901
Scott, Sheila Healing Through Music $125
Second Chance Composting LLC Composting in the Berkshires $644
Sevenars Concerts, Inc. Sevenars 56th Anniversary Season $250
Shakespeare & Company, Inc. 2024 Fall Festival of Shakespeare $966
St. John III, Edmund Sheryl Faye Presents Her Majesty The Queen $500
St. Stanislaus Kostka School Field trips to engage in local culture $644
Stockwell, Bernadette Northern Berkshire: Do Your ARt! $300
Sweeney, Jessica Lamp Light Music Series $1,159
Symonds-Powell, Patricia Don't Box Me In $579
Tamarack Hollow Nature and Cultural Center, Inc. Berkshire Rhythm Keepers at Ramblefest w/ Guests Adams COA Seniors $386
Tamarack Hollow Nature and Cultural Center, Inc. Forest and Field Ecology and Exploration at Youth Center Inc and Mt Greylock summit $966
Taylor, Desiree Understanding Our Lives With History: Learning from American History Using An African American Lens $350
Taylor, Desiree Understanding Our Lives With History: Learning from American History Using An African American Lens $350
The Artist Book Foundation Book Donations to schools in the Northern Berkshires $547
The Berkshire Fife & Drum Corps The Berkshire Fife & Drum Corps $3,219
The Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum, Inc. "If I could live another century!" Women's Suffrage after Susan B. Anthony $826
Tincknell, Roger L. Island Vacation $450
Tincknell, Roger L. Classic Country $450
Tincknell, Roger L. Winter Solstice Celebration $450
Tool, Kristen 'We Are Lanesborough' Mural designed by 6th Grade Class $1,931
Tupper, Lara Pick Up the Pen: Start Your Writing Project $400
Walkaway House LLC Center of Gravity Local Pop Up Series $995
Wallen, Eric gallery visual arts exhibit $1,015
Warley, Stephen LumiNAMA Light Festival $837
Williamstown Farmers Market Music at the Market $708
Williamstown Rural Lands Foundation, Inc. Sheep to Shawl Cultural Festival 2024 $1,191
Witt, Mary Music for Community $547
Wood, Nancy Ecology and the Changing Landscape $515
Youth Center, Inc. Nutshell Playhouse performances $676
the Wizard, Ed Basic Balloon Twisting Workshop $450
the Wizard, Ed Reading is Magic $450
the Wizard, Ed Wildlife Balloon Twisting Workshop $450

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