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Buckland Cultural Council

Buckland Cultural Council funds West County arts and humanities projects and events through small but meaningful grants to artists and presenters. It is our mission to support the cultural offerings of the area for a wide age range of people including seniors and youth, and to improve the quality of life for students in, residents of, and visitors to West County. Artists, schools and community groups can apply.


Cynthia Fisher

17 State Street
Buckland, MA 01370-1011

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Application Information

FY25 Allocation


FY25 Local Priorities

Local Cultural Councils grant monies provided by the Massachusetts Cultural Council to fund art, science, and humanities projects, performances, and activities.

The Buckland Cultural Council gives priority to projects that:
– We believe will be of interest to the residents
– Are located in Buckland or easily accessible by our community
– Are culturally diverse, historically inclusive, and bring focus to underrepresented groups
– Educate the community in local history, the arts, humanities, and/or natural sciences
– Reach a wide age range of audiences including youth and/or seniors
– Reach a large number of residents and are inexpensive to attend
– Include collaborations among arts and humanitarian organizations, schools, and libraries
– Rely on our funding to take place

If you have a culturally enriching idea, you are encouraged to apply!

FY25 Local Guidelines

Applications must be submitted electronically by the application deadline to be considered. The Buckland Cultural Council will meet soon thereafter to review applications and respond in a timely manner. Accepted applicants are asked to submit press for activities/events to the council in advance so that we can promote your programs through our Buckland Cultural Council Facebook page. We also require that you credit the Buckland Cultural Council in your written materials and at produced events. The average grant value in FY20 was $200.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Reimbursement Grants

FY24 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Arms Library Association, Inc. Historical Mystery Tour - A Slef-Guided Village Walk $150
Ashfield Historical Society, Inc. Victorians of the Hilltowns $250
Charlemont Forum Summer Speakers Series 2024 $300
Clay, Sarah Blue Skies - Free Concert $200
Double Edge Theatre Productions, Inc. Mohawk Trail Regional School Students Visit Double Edge $250
Franklin County Pride, Inc. Franklin County Pride $300
Franklin Land Trust, Inc. Nature Explorers Workshop Series Session 3 $150
Heath Agricultural Society, Inc. HEATH AGRICULTURAL FAIR MUSIC 2024 $125
Hilltown Families, Inc. Hilltown Families Suggests $200
Hilltown Youth Performing Arts Program, Inc. Hilltown Youth Recovery Theory $200
Local Access to Valley Arts On the Boards '24 $200
MUSIC Hip Hop Chair Dance for Seniors! $150
Markey, Robert Mosaic Project $300
Memorial Hall Association, Inc. Pothole Pictures 2024 Season $250
Mohawk Trail Concerts, Inc. Summer Festival 2024 $250
Mohawk Trail Regional High School Mohawk at the MFA $200
Mohawk Trail Regional School District Settler and Indigenous Life in the Colonial Period $350
Pioneer Valley Symphony, Inc. “Oliver Towne” - 2024 Education Concert $200
Piti Theatre Company Story Wizards $400
Shelburne Falls Area Women’s Club, Inc. SFAWC Program Series $350
Sorensen, Janice Magpie Patio Performances $208
The Art Garden, Inc. The Hilltown Draw-Around $500
The Nolumbeka Project, Inc. Pocumtuck Homelands Festival: A Celebration of Native American Art, Music and Cultures $150
Water Street Barn and Studio "Bridges & Flowers in Songs, Poems, & Stories" $450

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