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Belchertown Cultural Council

The Belchertown Cultural Council strives to bring the arts to our community by focusing on local artists who are dedicated and enthusiastic about sharing their talents with our schools, community centers, and with anyone who enjoys taking in the meaningful cultural experiences that this area has to offer. The cultural council seeks diversity in its programming as well as presentations and workshops that explore the arts in a way that will educate and invigorate the community.


Audrey Anderson

2 Jabish Street
Belchertown, MA 01007-9840

FY22 Allocation


FY22 Local Priorities

Belchertown Cultural Council
2021 Council Priorities

The Belchertown Cultural Council strives to bring the arts to our community by focusing on local artists who are dedicated and enthusiastic about sharing their talents with our schools, community centers, and with anyone who enjoys taking in the meaningful cultural experiences that this area has to offer. We aim to counter structural inequities that have excluded individuals and communities from opportunities in our grant decision-making process.

Preference is given to applications that fall in the following categories:
Public events
Arts in the schools
Educational programming

In addition to MCC requirements, the following local criteria must be met:

Public Benefit: The project or program must take place in Belchertown (or if virtual, must be tailored to our community).
The application must clearly articulate the benefit it brings to our community.
Venue: If your event is planned to be held in person, you must submit a COVID-19 safety plan in compliance with current guidelines, and a backup plan to hold your event virtually if guidelines change.
If you have not yet identified a venue or need support with virtual programs, please reach out to us at and we will assist you.
If you have a confirmed venue, please include a letter of support.
Budget: Grants from BCC are not intended to be the sole source of funding for your project or program, with limited exceptions.
Your project or program must be able to proceed with only partial funding.

Caps and limitations
BCC caps grant awards at $1,000.
The number of grant applications that we receive, along with our state allocation, will determine if any grant applications will be fully funded or if all grant awards are partial.
Applicants cannot receive more than two grant awards per cycle, but may submit more than two applications.
Ongoing projects and programs cannot receive a grant award more than three years in a row.
Grants to fund scholarships, tuition reimbursement, travel expenses, or capital expenditures are ineligible for consideration.

Letters of support
Projects involving collaboration must include a letter of support from the collaborating organizations.
All applicants proposing to work in the Belchertown Public Schools must receive and document approval from the Assistant Superintendent of Schools and/or the building Principal.

BCC expectations
Representation will be expected at our Grant Reception, usually held in the spring. The date will be communicated at the time of the grant award notification.
You must provide your marketing materials to us no less than two weeks prior to your project or program?s start date, so we can 1) review the required credit line and logo, and 2) promote your project or program as an LCC grant recipient.
Grant recipients are required to complete a short assessment form after the completion of their project or event.
Acknowledgement of Belchertown Cultural Council support must be given during the program or project and verification of such must be provided for grant payout

FY22 Local Guidelines

Deadline: Applications available September 1st and to be submitted by October 15th.
Time/Venue Required: Applicants must specify an arranged venue for their activity and a specific date or on-going timeline.
Level of Support: The Council does not fully fund any project. To demonstrate that your project is not dependent solely on BCC funding, you must specify other sources of financial support in the budget section of the application. All requests for full funding will be denied.
Local Priority: Preference is given to applicants who live or work in Belchertown, and who offer programs and presentations that specifically benefit a wide range of audiences in the Belchertown community.
Qualifications: Applicants must demonstrate a record of engagement in the type of activity for which funds are requested.
Program Eligibility: Programs in music, dance, visual arts, poetry, literature, drama, the humanities and scientific interpretation for all age groups will be considered. Applications for programs that are normally funded by the town budget will not be considered.
Repeat Applicants: An applicant who is funded 3 successive years will have lower priority in the 4th year.
Project modifications: After the grants are awarded, programs cannot be modified without the Council’s review.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Reimbursement Grants

FY22 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
MUSIC Hip Hop Dance Chair Exercise for Seniors! $380
Town of Belchertown Drive In Movie Night $400
David Neill Monday Night Concerts in Belchertown $1,500
Promethean Project, Inc. Ampersand Publishing $1,000
Henry Lappen Henry the Juggler Performance $450
Katie Koerten Nightwings: A Bat Storytelling Program for Children and Families $325
Julie A. Stepanek Learn Ukulele with Julie (a four part series) $848
Quabbin Art Association, Inc. QAA Evening Education Series $500
Belchertown Senior High School The Nest: A Literary and Visual Arts Magazine $650
Belchertown Community Alliance, Inc. Community Mural $1,000
Belchertown Community Band, Inc. Community Band Concerts $1,315
The Valley Winds, Inc. Side by Side with The Valley Winds $500
Julie A. Stepanek Music and Movement for Young Children $656
Sandra Pearl Engineering Fun at the Clapp Memorial Library $515
Julia Petersen Making Space for the Fiber-Curious $620
Jay Mankita Maker Space Build-Along: Stick-eometry! $900
Quabbin Valley Disc Golf, Inc. QVDG Grand Opening Festival $1,000
Rich Plasse Name That TV Theme $440
Cat Milo Keatinge Bezark The Fairy Festival $625
Sean French-Byrne Emerging Playwrights Festival $1,000

Apply Now

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