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The goal of the Avon Cultural is to promote meaningful and entertaining in-town programs in support of the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences – open for all to attend. The Avon School field trips and the summer gazebo concerts are examples of applications we have supported as well as the Avon Library activities and the Senior Center programs. Priority given to local venues and programs geared toward senior citizens, teens and the growing multi-cultural population.


Patricia Bessette

65 East Main Street
Avon, MA 02322-1496

Application Information

FY24 Allocation


FY24 Local Priorities

The Avon Cultural Council will only be considering Avon in-town programs including local organizations for funding.
All applicants must apply via the LCC Online Application, and the Avon Cultural Council will not be accepting paper applications.
The Avon Cultural Council will continue to encourage interest in ideas for local cultural events available for young adults, seniors and families.
Applicants that have secured a local venue.
Projects that serve youth/teens, the elderly, or diverse cultural needs of Avon.

FY24 Local Guidelines

The Avon Cultural Council is dedicated to funding the Avon Schools and Avon organizations in their attempt to provide the community with activities supporting the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences. We ask artists to secure a physical connection to the Town of Avon before tendering an idea/concept to the Council for consideration. The Avon Cultural Council will review all applications received and will gladly respond to any applicants requesting assistance. Student Field Trip information see above. Proof of completion and acknowledgement of Council grant is required.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Direct Grants

FY24 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Avon Civic Association Avon Summer Concert Series 2024 $1,200
Avon Council on Aging senior entertainment $1,000
Avon Middle-High School Student Matinee: John Proctor is the Villain $375
Avon Public Library Mobile Library Computers $1,500
Boy Scouts of America Troop 13 Free library/STEM/ $1,000
Fuller Craft Museum, Inc. Craft for Kids $350
Hart, Francis The "Beat Generation" - A Cultural Review of the 1950s Through Music $350
MUSIC Hip Hop Chair Dance for Seniors! ---a dance series $500
Ralph D. Butler Elementary School Curious Creatures $400
Ralph D. Butler Elementary School Capron Park Zoo $500
Ralph D. Butler Elementary School Planetarium at Boston Museum of Science $700
Ralph D. Butler Elementary School New England Aquarium $700
Ralph D. Butler Elementary School Plimoth Plantation $1,100
Ralph D. Butler Elementary School Harvard Natural History Museum $650
Ralph D. Butler Elementary School Boston Museum of Science $650
York, Matt Matt York - Songs and Stories: Willie Nelson $350

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