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Weymouth Cultural Council

Thank you for your interest in the Weymouth Cultural Council.
Our mission is to support cultural events for the citizens of Weymouth and surrounding communities on the South Shore.
Grant applications must be submitted online between SEPTEMBER 1 – OCTOBER 17, 2023. Late applications cannot be accepted.
The Weymouth Cultural Council (WCC) is a volunteer group of Weymouth residents whose purpose is to support local public programs that promote access, education, diversity and excellence in the arts and humanities to benefit the residents of Weymouth.
The WCC has an important role in ensuring that cultural opportunities are made accessible to all segments of the community, including children, teens, elders and the disabled. Preference will be given to performances and events located at Weymouth community venues, and established artists and organizations based in Weymouth or supporting the residents of Weymouth.
Programs we will fund include, but are not limited to:
– Community wide gatherings: festivals, concerts, plays, other cultural activities
– School cultural enrichment programs
– Nature, environmental education projects
– Projects celebrating local history, cultural diversity
– Restoration or preservation projects (not related to capital expenditures)
– Neighborhood revitalization
– Local artists’ live and work spaces, and professional development
Massachusetts-based individuals, artists, nonprofit community groups, cultural institutions and schools may apply.
In addition to the state criteria (public benefit, non-discrimination, no substitution, arts/humanities/interpretive sciences), applications will be evaluated using the following review criteria:
– How well the program meets our local priorities
– Community support and involvement
– Evidence of track record and dedication of the applicant
– Ability to address the diverse cultural needs of a community’s underserved populations or support diverse forms of cultural activities
– Financial need
– Demonstrated planning, including venue, artist, and date(s) of program.
We do not fund food, beverages, or field trips. We do fund travel expenses for a maximum amount of $100.

Applicants that are non-profit will not be reimbursed for sales taxes paid.
Approved applicants will receive an Approval Letter, Reimbursement Form, and Grantee Credit and Publicity Requirements near the beginning of next year. In order for Applicants to receive reimbursement, they must meet the following 3 requirements:
To receive payment, the Reimbursement Form attached to the Approval Letter must be filled out. Either Federal Tax ID or Social Security Number must be provided on the form. NOTE: Sales taxes paid by non-profit organizations are not reimbursable.
Applicants must provide evidence that the event took place and was credited to both Massachusetts Cultural Council and Weymouth Cultural Council. This includes copies of announcements, programs, news clippings, press releases, photos, on-line postings etc. which each MUST display the Massachusetts Cultural Council logo. NOTE: Reimbursement amount may be less than the granted amount if the MCC logo is not used as stated above.
FOR BANK ON-LINE OR CHECK PAYMENTS: Copies front and back of checks after processing by bank or bank statement showing payee information with check image if available.
FOR CASH PAYMENTS: Copies of Paid bills or receipts.
FOR CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: Copies of receipt or online order. Copies of credit card statements showing information related to your project displayed. Unrelated charges and the first 12 digits of
account number may be redacted.
INVOICE REQUIRED: Grantees that pay invoices should provide copies.
INVOICE REQUIRED: Grantees that are also the vendor such as individual musicians and do not have other expenses or individual checks paid, should produce an invoice made out to “Town of Weymouth”.
INVOICE REQUIRED: Grantees that are also the vendor, such as musical bands, and have no expenses other than checks paid to individual band performers, should provide copies of the cancelled checks and an invoice made out to “Town of Weymouth”.
INVOICE NOT REQUIRED: Cases where the town had already paid an invoice for a town organization such as the library and the cancelled checks are from the town.
Neglecting to include these items will delay your payment.
Reimbursement will take approximately four to six weeks.
You will have one year from the date of the Approval Letter to submit a request for reimbursement.


Debbie Courteau, Chair

Weymouth Town Hall
75 Middle Street
Weymouth, MA 02189-1359

Application Information

FY24 Allocation


FY24 Local Priorities

Our mission is to support cultural events for the citizens of Weymouth and surrounding communities on the South Shore.

FY24 Local Guidelines

We do not fund food, beverages, travel or field trips. Applicants that are non-profit will not be reimbursed for sales taxes paid. To receive consideration, all applications must have a date, venue, and artist listed on the application.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Reimbursement Grants

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FY23 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Academy Avenue School Parent Council Prismatic Magic Bullying Prevention $1,049
Academy Avenue School Parent Council Tanglewood Marionettes Perseus and Medusa $1,168
Academy Avenue School Parent Council Capoeira: Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts, Music and Dance $1,740
Fine Arts Chorale, Inc. Puccini Messa di Gloria $1,000
MUSE, Inc. MUSE Incorporated - Musical Visits for Seniors $750
Maria Weston Chapman Middle School MWC ARTS Assembly $3,670
Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild, Inc. The Massachusetts High School Drama Festival $1,000
Murphy School Parent Council Be Somebody! $1,250
Purdy-Quinlan, Jodi History of the Massachusett People at Wessagussett $2,500
Science & Engineering Education Development, Inc. 5th Grade Chemistry at Pingree $700
South Shore Young Men's Christian Association Corn Festival performers $500
Southeastern Philharmonic Orchestra, Inc. Youth Concert $1,150
Talking Information Center, Inc. TIC Live Radio Theater $500
Taunton City Band, Inc. Taunton City band summer concert series $530
The Arc of the South Shore, Inc. 3rd Annual Holiday Festival Featuring Winter Sleigh Rides at Webb State Park $3,500
Thomas V. Nash, Jr. Elementary School Capoeira Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts, Music, & Dance $980
Thomas V. Nash, Jr. Elementary School Holidays around the world $995
Thomas V. Nash, Jr. Elementary School Kindness quest $799
Thomas V. Nash, Jr. Elementary School Sheryl Faye Presents RBG $600
Thomas W. Hamilton Primary School Bringing the Arts to Hamilton $2,300
Town of Weymouth Weymouth Summer Concert and Movie Series $3,600
Town of Weymouth Weymouth's Annual Pumpkin Give-A-Wey at Farmers Market $4,200
Weymouth Art Association Artists demonstration and presentation $1,500
Weymouth Irish Heritage Parade and Festival Irish Heritage Parade and Festival $1,000
Weymouth Public Libraries Summer Sounds Concert Series at Fogg Library $4,000
Weymouth Public Libraries Traditions of Chinese Acrobatics with Li Lui $700
Weymouth Public Libraries Wilderness Survival for Teens $200
Weymouth Public Libraries Watercolor Flowers with Popup Art $300
William Seach Primary School Black History Tribute Laser School Assembly Program with STEM Laser Science Assembly $1,349
William Seach Primary School Wongai! Rhythms of West Africa, Brazil & the Caribbean $1,470

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Review Complete LCC Program Guidelines

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