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Tyringham Cultural Council

The Tyringham Cultural Council strives to provide diverse offerings, which may include music, art, theatre, lectures, and exhibits, among others. We are primarily focused on programs of interest that impact our local community and provide the population of Tyringham and nearby communities the opportunity to experience the arts in all its various forms, first-hand.


Steve Rubin

PO Box 335
Tyringham, MA 01264-9700

FY22 Allocation


FY22 Local Priorities

Local councils are authorized to develop additional criteria and may give different weight to their criteria in order to reflect local concerns and community cultural needs.

FY22 Local Guidelines

Local Guidelines:
1.) Applicant must have a local partner, venue & date (see list of potential partners below)
2.) Applications must be completed and signed to be accepted (postmarked by October 15)
3.) Identify, if possible, local relevance
4.) Previous TCC Applicants: The Massachusetts Cultural Council mandates

“Local council funds are not intended to be used as the sole source of funding for projects of a continuing nature.” If you or your organization have received grant funding in previous years from the Tyringham Cultural Council, please be sure that your current grant proposal includes new or unique features and that it is not of a continuing nature.

Tyringham Cultural Council
c/o Tyringham Town Hall
116 Main Road Tyringham, MA 01246
Venues/Partners:Tyringham Town Hall

Council Members

Steve Rubin | Chair 2019-2022
Molly Cosel 2019-2022
Larry Bravo | Treasurer 2019-2022
Reba Schecter 2019-2022
MaryLou Bradley 2019-2022
Jennifer Nykiel 2020-2023
Marcie Kammel 2020-2023
Paula Bradley 2020-2023

Popular Venues with Contacts

Library: Mary Garner, Librarian, 413-243-0907

Union Church in Tyringham: Rev. Janet Mckinstry, 413-243-9848

Terrence F. Curtin Pavillion: Building Committee Henning Carlson, 413-243-4988

Elder Services: Marion Leach, 413-243-0907

The Bidwell House Museum: Barbara Palmer, Director 413-528-6888

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Reimbursement Grants

Apply Now

Review Complete LCC Program Guidelines

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