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Sunderland Cultural Council

The mission of the Sunderland Cultural Council is to encourage access for Sunderland residents of all ages and groups to cultural events and resources of all types. The Sunderland Cultural Council pursues this mission through the administration of state funded Cultural Council grants. It is the policy of the Sunderland Cultural Council to seek the greatest possible diversity and number of funded events in order to provide the widest access to cultural resources.


Peter Lacey

Town Hall
12 School Street
Sunderland, MA 01375-9503

Application Information

FY25 details to come.

FY24 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Franklin County Pride, Inc. Franklin County Pride 2024 $250
Halloran, Bill Library Concert $400
Happier Valley Comedy, Inc. Happier Valley Comedy Short Form Improv Show $250
Kline, Carrie Music of Appalachia and Small Town America $200
Martell, Scott Library Family Magic Show $600
Ryan, Janet Early Childhood Music and Movement $300
Science & Engineering Education Development, Inc. Trap the Zhu Zhu! An Engineering Challenge $352
Snyder, Sara Joy of Song Singalongs $375
Sunderland Elementary School International Night Celebration, Culturally Responsive Practices in Action $362
Sunderland Public Library Owls Up Close $500
Sunderland Public Library Buildwave Hands-On Building Game $395
Sunderland Public Library Local History Program Series $500
Sunderland Public Library Upcycled Clothing $500
Sunderland Public Library American Sign Language Classes $500
Sunderland Public Library Jedi Academy $500
The Nolumbeka Project, Inc. Pocumtuck Homelands Festival: A Celebration of Native American Art, Music and Cultures $130

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