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Spencer Cultural Council

The Spencer Cultural Council is a local branch of the Massachusetts Cultural Council whose mission is to promote excellence, access, education, and diversity in the arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences to improve the quality of life for all residents and to contribute to the economic vitality of our community. The Council is committed to funding a diverse cross-section of activities. We support a broad variety of art forms, the ongoing work of individual artists, environmental education projects, collaborative proposals that bring together artists and other types of organizations, local cultural groups and projects that serve specific populations — youth, elders, low-income, disabled. The Council does this by dispensing funding from the state to the most appropriate grant applications it receives.


Diane Johnson

Town Hall
157 Main Street
Spencer, MA 01562-2123

Application Information

FY23 Allocation


FY23 Local Priorities

The Spencer Arts Council (SAC) receives an annual appropriation of state funds from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and makes these funds available to the community through its grant programs. SAC accepts grant applications for individuals and organizations.
Grants are issued to support arts, humanities, interpretive sciences, visual artists, performing artists, science educators, historians and other humanists; as well as community, business and civic groups, social service organizations, schools, neighborhood centers, and youth, senior and family associations.

Fellowship Grants: Assist individuals in developing their work outside the structure of a specific project or presentation. Artists in any discipline may apply. All Fellowship applicants must maintain a residential, commercial or studio address in the city of Worcester.

Project Grants: Assist in the development of projects and programs in the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences. Applicants must demonstrate a tangible benefit to Worcester citizens. All grant applicants must maintain a residential, commercial or studio address in Worcester County. All WAC-funded projects must occur within the city of Worcester.

FY23 Local Guidelines

Project Categories: Projects that focus on Public Art, Arts and Education and Instruction and Children’s Programs
Location: Projects that take place in or benefit areas of Spencer with a verified venue

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Reimbursement Grants

FY22 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Crowes Pasture Crowes Pasture performance at Richard Sugden Library $300
Richard Sugden Library Climbing Up to The Clouds (Youth), Travelling the Oregon Trail (Adults & Teens)) $650
Senior Living at Prouty Women Inventors $150
Richard Sugden Library Wildlife Encounters $550
Richard Sugden Library Spencer Mini Free Libraries $1,600
Valles, Marcos Rockabye Beats $500
Richard Sugden Library BubbleMania! $545
York, Matt Songs and Stories - The Highwaymen $350
Richard Sugden Library Summer Reading Finale $450
Monteith, Theresa M. The Garden Path $325
David Prouty High School Spencer Little Free Library $250
Lappen, Henry Henry the Juggler Performance $450
Knox Trail Junior High School Little Free Libraries $250
Wire Village School Tanglewood Marionettes $775
Baker-Wood, Mary Spencer Walks $700
Massasoit Art Guild, Inc. Annual Art Show $400
Hurlbut, Steven M. Jumpin' Juba senior concert $325
Jameson, Scott Contact: The Magic of Communication Assemblies $925
Spencer-East Brookfield Regional Schools Berkshire Hills Music Academy Performance during Unified Special Olympics $800
Spencer Park and Recreation Commission Concert and Culture Series $1,456

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Mass Cultural Council publishes any updates as they become available. Last update was made on October 3, 2022 at 09:30 PM UTC

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