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The Revere Cultural Council (RCC) is composed of diverse members appointed by the mayor and approved by the city council. The RCC seeks to collaborate with local and neighboring organizations on programs which will elevate Revere’s diverse, extensive heritage and cultural background. We also seek to make the arts more accessible by providing Revere’s artists and cultural groups with opportunities including grant funding. We aim to serve all segments of Revere’s population, including underrepresented communities with a focus on lesser-heard voices.


Lani Stevens

City Hall
281 Broadway
Revere, MA 02151-5051

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Application Information

FY25 Allocation


FY25 Local Priorities

All applications must be either from a Revere resident or sponsored by a Revere organization. The proposed project must benefit Revere residents and follow the application guidelines to be approved.

Priority will be given to proposals:
1. from Revere residents
2. that benefit underserved populations and lesser-heard groups
3. that involve Revere youth, including at-risk youth
4. about local history and/or serve our local community
5. promote local environmental issues
6. involve new art forms or humanities programs that would be beneficial to the community
7. from new applicants

FY25 Local Guidelines

1. Applicants must live in Revere or be sponsored by an organization in Revere.
2. Project must be in Revere, about Revere, or benefit Revere residents.
3. Applicant must document how the granted funds will be used.
4. Application must include a project timeline.
5. Application must include a detailed budget.
6. If equipment or capital improvements are part of a grant proposal, the grant must demonstrate a cultural purpose; be for a one-time or special need and should be clearly justified by some longer-term public benefit.
7. Applicants should be aware that our council makes reimbursement grants, and they will not have the funding immediately after being approved. This should be considered when planning the project timeline.
8. Projects must be completed within one funding cycle, unless a demonstrated need is presented to the council for a one-year extension
9. All programs must be held in locations that are accessible to those with disabilities.
10. Funding of grants is contingent on both availability of sufficient funds and relative benefit to the community.
11. Field trip applications must applications must include a statement that the project is not already fully funded by the school (this will be determined on a case by case basis).
12. Funds must not be used to substitute or replace existing publicly funded programs.
13. Funds are not to be used as the sole means of support for programs of a continuing nature.
14. Applicants may not be discriminated against the basis of, including but not limited to: race, sex, religion, creed, color, national origin, disability, or age.
15. All advertisements, brochures, etc., must include a statement that the activity/ program is supported by a grant from the RCC, a local agency which is supported by the MCC.
16. Inability to fulfill guidelines may result in disapproval.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Reimbursement Grants

FY24 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
ANESKA HANDMADE INC art and crafts as therapy $5,000
Aeschlimann, Andrea Culture Night at Garfield Middle School $1,500
City of Revere Office of Economic Development Crafty Seating $6,000
City of Revere Public Health Department Revere Farmer's Market $5,500
City of Revere Recreation Department Revere is 400 Years Old! $2,500
Ethnic Arts Center of Somerville, Inc. REVERE Ethnic Traditions Alive! Toy Theatre $5,000
Familia Renacer Church Inc. Familia Renacer Dance Group $4,800
Immaculate Conception Elementary School SK8 4 Life $1,495
James A. Garfield Elementary School Flower Community Mural $3,600
James A. Garfield Elementary School LegoLand (STEM) $5,000
Kane, Timothy D. Drum & Strum $450
Li, Qin Cultural Exploration with Books $5,000
MUSIC Hip Hop Chair Dance for Seniors! a dance series $600
MUSIC I am Autistic I am Fantastic - The Musical $680
Newman, Howard Musical Baseball Show $375
Paul Revere Innovation School Jean Appolon Expressions School Assembly $5,000
Rantisi, Tareq 2024 World Music Concert Series $7,800
Recupero, Marie (Nomadik) Soulkore Presents: Music & Culture Festival $3,537
Revere Arabic Community Egyptian Flag Raising $2,000
Romero, Yeison Let's ElevateArt $2,000
Sanchez, Laura Connecting mothers through Expressive Flamenco. $3,500
Santon Music, LLC Musical entertainment for non-English speaking immigrants $3,000
Staff Sargent James J. Hill Elementary School Ecosystem Comparisons $2,500
Susan B. Anthony Middle School Field Trip - Boston House of Blues $2,540
The Delvena Theatre Company Mangia, Meatballs and Murder $750

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