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Northampton Arts Council, Inc.

The Northampton Arts Council works to to support and nurture arts activities in the community, stimulate improved public awareness and support for the arts, and oversee public art projects for the city of Northampton. The Council awards grants twice each year to artists and arts groups from both state and locally-raised funds, and seeks to improve public awareness of the arts. Its goals include maintaining and preserving the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Northampton, programming such annual events of interest to the community as First Night Northampton, Performance, the Silver Chord Bowl, KidsBestFest, Summer Concert Series, Four Sundays in February, and advocating on behalf of the arts community.

The Northampton Arts Council believes that art is for everyone. We strive to produce, support, and sustain arts and cultural initiatives that uphold all people—including but not limited to those who have been historically marginalized based on race/ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, neurodiversity, socioeconomic status, geography, citizenship status, or religion. We affirm the need to redress historical inequities in the arts and cultural sector and commit to supporting equitable and inclusive practices through all aspects of our work.


Brian Foote, Executive Director

240 Main Street #1
Northampton, MA 01060-3113

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Application Information

FY24 Allocation


FY24 Local Priorities

Northampton Arts Council LCC Grant Priorities FY24

LCC FY24 Grant Timeline
Completed online applications must be received by October 19, 2023, at 11:59 PM.
Projects may start no earlier than January 1, 2024, and must be completed by December 31, 2024.
Applicants will be officially notified by email of the Council’s decision no later than December 31, 2023.

Who can apply? What are the criteria?
Arts projects that include a public component, such as exhibits, festivals, short-term artist residencies, performances, workshops, readings, virtual presentations, and lectures held in Northampton, Florence, or Leeds; this includes programming held in schools.
Artists who reside in Massachusetts but whose project will be held in Northampton, Florence, or Leeds. For individuals, “reside” does not mean they have to be a “legal resident” of Massachusetts as defined by the State for tax purposes. They simply need to reside in Massachusetts.
Non-profit cultural and educational institutions that offer programs and events that bring arts and culture to a Northampton area audience.
Work demonstrating the highest artistic merit.
Projects that are financially feasible and have multiple sources of funding.
If you are live-streaming a public event, captions should be provided. In place of captions, you might consider having a message that says, “This event will be recorded and then embedded on our Youtube channel, where captions and a transcript will be available.” Before putting on a virtual program, you could ask people to register, and in the registration submission, ask people to communicate any accessibility needs with a deadline by which they need to let you know. It is easier to book a captioner and cancel (with at least 48 h notice) than to get one in 48 hours.
Also note: Schools, not artists, should apply for projects that take place in schools.
For-profit entities that propose projects that provide public benefit.
“Public entities” include Tribal, Federal, State, and Municipal government entities.
Sole proprietors are considered individuals and are eligible.
The Council does NOT fund:
Projects or events completed before applying.
Fundraising or profit-making events that do not benefit the arts.
Continuation funding for projects already awarded a grant from the Northampton Arts Council.
More than one application by the same artist or cultural group.
General operating support.
Refreshments or food.
Money to replace municipal funding for the arts.
Humanities and Science Applications.
Applicants who still need to submit their final report for FY23 or FY22 or FY21 or FY20 LCC Grants they received.

How to Apply – Application Opens September 1st
The application process is entirely online with a page to upload your supplemental materials. Please note that the strongest applications provide clear, concise project descriptions and accurate budgets that demonstrate multiple funding sources.


FAQ – Local Cultural Council Grant
Tips: Writing a Grant Application

Supplemental materials are required, even if you or your group has had a presence in Northampton for some time. Assume that the Arts Council does not know your work.

What are Supplemental Materials?
The Council relies heavily on each applicant’s supplemental materials to assess the artistic merit of the application. Applications submitted without supplemental materials will not be considered. Supplemental materials may include the resume of the artist completing the project, photo/video/audio of past projects by that artist, sketches/diagrams/visual aids for proposed projects, a letter of commitment from the venue of the proposed public performance, and letters of support from community members. Choose materials that will help the board to envision your proposed project.

All supporting materials should be of the highest professional quality. If submitting a video, please specify the section of a video or audio track of the performance for the panel to review. The grant review committee will view each proposal for a maximum of five minutes. Failure to follow these guidelines will jeopardize your application. While we do not accept an artist’s website URL as supporting materials we do accept links to specific documentation of past projects (Youtube, Flickr, Vimeo, google photos, or any other publicly accessible link to view documentation of specific projects.)

Grant Award Amounts
Grant awards are determined by the merit of the proposal and the funds available. This year the Arts Council will be awarding grants in the following categories: Dance, Literature, Media Arts, Multidisciplinary, Music, Theater, and Visual Arts. In past grant rounds the amount of each grant awarded has ranged from $250-$1,800. The Arts Council rarely awards a grant for the full cost of a project. Organizations and individuals are strongly encouraged to support some expenses with applicant cash, to approach other sources for funding, and seek in-kind donations of materials and labor. Financial support from multiple sources helps demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed project.

Need Help?
If you have another question that isn’t answered here or if you have a technical issue or a question about the online application, please contact the MCC help desk at 617-858-2721 or email

For questions specifically about how the Northampton Arts Council reviews applications, our council’s priorities, or executing a project in Northampton, email

FY24 Local Guidelines

Information not provided

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Direct Grants

FY24 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Acosta, Pamela Contra-corriente or the Pond-dwellers $1,000
Allen, Megan Taking STEAM (Science-Technology-Arts-Math) into The Community: The STEAM-Mobile $750
Barron, Shakia The Gathering: Kia the Key & Company Community Hip-Hop Workshop $1,000
Bombyx Brass Collective Bombyx Brass Collective Masterclasses and Performance $1,000
Bridge Street School Field Trip to see Pioneer Valley Symphony Orchestra $500
Carlino, Kim A. BIPOC Curatorial Fellowship $750
Chinese Association of Western Massachusetts, Inc Latern Festival and Chinese New year Culture Fair $750
Evers, Madge Drawing With Light $500
Green Street Brew A Capella Group Local Vocal #13 $750
Grow Food Northampton, Inc. Grow Food Northampton Farmers Markets Music $750
Lander-Grinspoon Academy The Solomon Schechter School of the Pioneer Valley, Inc. MAPA: Dancing Through The Map of Diasporic History $250
Leader, Rachel KlezCummington $500
Lepore, Seth Faces of Medicine $750
Liberal Arts Popup Gallery The "Strong and Pleasant Homecoming" festival music from the 80' and 90's $750
Morigan, Pan I Sing Earth $500
Mothers Institute for Collaboration and Art MICAfest Art for Change: The M/others' View $500
Northampton Center for the Arts, Inc. 2024 Youth Performance Festival $1,000
Northampton Parents Center, Inc. Weekly Drop-In Music Classes for Families with Young Children $1,500
Pathlight, Inc. Whole Children musical theater project $1,000
Play Incubation Collective 2024 Play Incubation Collective Salons $500
Self-Evident Education, Inc. Power of Truths Arts & Education Festival $500
Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School The Viking Runestone $550
The Parlor Room, Inc. Trans Affirming Voice Training Masterclass Series $750
The Performance Project, Inc. "Mother Tongue" by First Generation Ensemble $1,000
Theater Between Addresses To Serve The Hive $250
Translate Gender, Inc. co-ACT Trans Youth Theatre Collective $750
Trustees of the Forbes Library Hands-on art making workshops for adults $697
Valley Art Salon The ArtSalon $400
Valley Arts Mentors Valley Arts Mentors: Mentorship Program and Webinar Series $558
Westwater Weekes, Naomi The Reclamation Project: Honoring the Voices of People of Color in Folk Music $1,000
pastorfield-li, elizabeth home//made $750

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