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Leverett Cultural Council

In awarding grants, the Leverett Cultural Council (LCC) gives priority to events at the Leverett Elementary School, the Leverett Public Library and to Leverett artists, humanists, scientists, cultural organizations, and to area events that will benefit the Leverett community as well as the individuals, organizations and groups who are awarded grants. The LCC especially encourages collaborative projects between cultural groups and community organizations, intergenerational events, events for seniors, and cultural events that provide tickets to Leverett residents, and those that celebrate cultural diversity in the region. Applicants from surrounding communities may also be funded provided that the event benefits the citizens of Leverett.


Mitchell Mulholland

9 Montague Road
Leverett, MA 01054-9725

FY22 Allocation


FY22 Local Priorities

Approximately one-third of Leverett Cultural Council funding goes to school-based and field-trip grants. However, field trip grants for transportation may be limited because of limited funding. One-third of funding goes to events at the Leverett Public Library. The final third of our grants is awarded to individuals and groups that provide cultural events, events that celebrate cultural diversity, and classes that benefit the citizens of Leverett. Classes with multiple meetings are especially desirable, as are those that are inter-generational, and for seniors. Typical dollar amounts for individuals are from $100-$300, but are not limited to these amounts. Funding may be partial. Events that will use a particular venue must provide a letter or note from that organization that the venue will be available. Given the restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Council encourages virtual classes or programs where possible.

Grantees are reimbursed at the end of the projects when their final paperwork is submitted. Applicants must apply online at Massachusetts Cultural Council. Where possible, applicants are asked to provide proof that their proposed venue is available and approved by the venue authority. Any questions please contact, or call Mitch Mulholland at 413-548-9161.

FY22 Local Guidelines

We encourage projects that support and involve local artists/humanists/scientists or local cultural organizations. We encourage collaborative projects between cultural groups and community organizations. Approximately one half of our funding went to school based and Field Trip grants in the last granting cycle though because of limited funding, we usually do not have money to pay for transportation.

We reimburse our grantees at the end of their projects, when the final paperwork is submitted.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

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