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Brewster Cultural Council

The Brewster Cultural Council serves as a catalyst for artistic expression in Town. It provides resources, makes connections, spearheads programs, and directs funding to individuals and organizations that have—or have the potential to have–the most impact in the cultural life of Brewster. The BCC is leading a movement to bring people of all backgrounds in the arts, humanities and sciences together for a common cause: to elevate the importance of cultural to create a better Brewster.
Meetings for the Council take place on Monday evenings in the conference room at the Brewster Town Hall. Agendas for all meetings are posted at the Brewster Town Hall. Meetings are open to all Brewster residents, currently public participation is via zoom.


Clare O'Connor Rice

Brewster Town Hall
2198 Main Street
Brewster, MA 02631-1846

Application Information

FY24 Allocation


FY24 Local Priorities

The Brewster Cultural Council is committed to being a catalyst for a diverse range of arts and cultural activities in Brewster. When reviewing and approving grant requests, we give priority to:
1. Applicants who have a confirmed date and venue.
2. Applicants who will deliver their programs within the Town of Brewster.
3. Applicants who live in Brewster or their business is located in Brewster.
4. Diverse and innovative arts and cultural programs that will engage and inspire Brewster residents and visitors.

FY24 Local Guidelines

Brewster Cultural Council requires applications be completed on line. The qualifications/experience of the applicant(s) should suggest that the projects will be carefully planned and be of high quality. The application should be complete, carefully proofread, and show attention to detail. Applications due this fall must take place between Jan 1-Dec 31 of the following year.
1. Budgets must be clearly constructed and balanced. Applicants are asked to identify any other sources they have requested funds from and the amounts requested, including other local Cultural Councils. Recipients of salaries must be indicated.
2. Applicants should arrange for approved venue(s) for their programs or projects prior to the submission, and the sites must be ADA compliant.
3. All questions are to be answered, including what other towns the applicant is applying to.
4. Applicants must outline how they will reach out to the public as well as how they will provide us with the information to include on the Town website page.
5. Addendum are welcomed to be used if they are required to more fully explain any of the questions.
6. All grant recipients must allow fair access to their grant funded event with opportunities for all races, genders, sexual orientation, class, and age.
7. Please contact the Council for a clarification of any of our local requirements. We are available to work together to help build your ideas into projects that can develop over time and progressively benefit as many people as possible.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Direct Grants

FY24 Funding List

Name Project Title Amount
Brewster Council on Aging Brewster Council on Aging 50th Anniversary Celebration Exhibit $350
Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Inc. Inventory & Digitization of the Crowell Archaeology Collection $450
First Parish Brewster (Unitarian Universalist) “Unerased: Asians in America and the Fight for Racial Justice” $500
Glig, Ana MusArt Interconnections $150
Griffis, Gabrielle Local Indigenous Heritage with Waban Webquish $250
Hastings, Rheanna Greek Cultural Night - Cuisine, Language, History and Dance $500
Hess, Patricia cataloging and preserving paintings of a 20th century Brewster artist $500
Iannitelli, Leda Muhana Movimento Project 2024 $250
Lower Cape Community Access Television, Inc. KidNews produced by Nonprofit Lower Cape TV $250
Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild, Inc. The Massachusetts Middle School Drama Festival $250
Meeting House Chamber Music Festival, Inc. Meeting House Chamber Music Festival 2024 $250
Open Mic Classical Open Mic Classical $300
Outer Cape Chorale, Inc. Choral Music on the Outer Cape: Winter Concert Weekend, Spring Concert Weekend, 8 Chamber Singer performances, and a scholarship for the study of music $400
Peters, Morgan James The THUNDERCHILD $250
Piti Theatre Company Story Wizards $300
The New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance, Inc. Diamondback Terrapin Headstart $380
Vinegrass Corporation Vinegrass Open Mic $250
Wilson, Mary Puppets, Paul & Mary Show $250
York, Matt Matt York - Songs & Stories: Willie Nelson $250

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