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Bellingham Cultural Council

The goal of the Bellingham Cultural Council is to provide Bellingham residents including their schoolchildren to the arts, sciences, humanities, culture and heritage in the most positive manner available. We do this by exposing children, adults and seniors to different types of programs that enhance their expertise and knowledge. This is accomplished through performances, exhibits, workshops, lectures, and creative activities held within local Bellingham Community schools, public buildings, park like settings or taking participants to another local venue. We seek to be a contributing source of funding to local artists for a balance of Arts, Humanities, and cultural programs that helps us achieve the needs and desires of the Bellingham Community. As wonderful and meaningful as LCC programs conducted outside of the Bellingham community may be, we are unable to participate in those programs. We reserve the right to balance those LCC applications to the arts AND Humanities AND Science programs that best serve the Bellingham Community. Due to the COVID-19 experience and the advancement in technologies, we encourage the use of broadcast arts, humanities, and cultural programs provided that these projects are specific to benefitting the Bellingham residents and local artists. Applicants will need to provide details on how they are ensuring these videos are broadcast to the Bellingham community and specific promotional effort that will be undertaken to inform Bellingham residents of such broadcasts.


Darrell Crow

44 Mechanic Street
Bellingham, MA 02019

FY22 Allocation


FY22 Local Priorities

The Bellingham Cultural Council would like as much support material as possible when applicants are applying for a grant. Please include this material in the “Supplementary Materials” tab of the application.

It is important that there be local support for their program. The applicant must have arranged for a possible venue in the town of Bellingham. (example: library, school, senior center)

We look for large numbers that will benefit from a program especially when we do not have a lot of money to expend and community benefit for all ages.

We do not limit the number of applications from a single applicant.

If an application or project will be partially funded, we require proof that there will be another source so that the program can be successfully completed.

We limit the number of years any one applicant can come back consecutively for funding for the same project or program to 3 years.

For applicants applying for field trip expenses, we will only cover ticket expenses.

We will not allow capital expenditure requests.

The number of grant applications that we receive, along with the state allocation, will be primary factors in determining which, if any, grant applications will be funded fully or if all funding will be partial.

Each application will be viewed and judged independently.

FY22 Local Guidelines

The Council presents a training in early September to inform potential applicants about changes in policy and to train any new representatives about what the Council expects in their applications.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Reimbursement Grants

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