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Andover Cultural Council

The Massachusetts state legislature provides an annual appropriation for arts, humanities, and interpretive science projects to the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), which in turn, allocates funds to the Andover Cultural Council (ACC) for the Andover community. The ACC then reviews and awards the MCC funds to those projects of quality that provide the greatest local benefit.

The ACC is committed to reaching all members of the Andover community through supporting a cross-section of activities, including jazz, classical music concerts, vocal performances, live theatre, public art installations, storytelling, programs aimed specifically at families, schoolchildren, and senior citizens, and more. We partner with other groups and organizations in town, to help promote a lively cultural atmosphere, and we serve as advocates for the arts through community outreach and publicity. We are a group of volunteers, appointed by the Board of Selectmen for two consecutive, three-year terms. Members of the Council include people with a variety of experience, some with backgrounds in the arts, humanities or interpretive sciences, but we share a passionate belief in the importance of the arts and culture in our lives and a commitment to enhancing the cultural vitality of Andover.


Leslie Seaton Malis

36 Bartlet Street
Andover, MA 01810

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FY22 Allocation


FY22 Local Priorities


We prioritize projects that are innovative and take a new approach to addressing cultural change in our community, highlighting diversity and inclusion of artists/scholars/scientists, and target audiences (race, ethnicity, gender, cultural background, physical ability, and discipline.

Projects that include collaborations, involvement, and support of multiple constituencies in Andover.

Projects that have an element of flexibility, enabling them to be seen or experienced by an audience regardless of prevailing public health /social gathering concerns, and are not dependent on physical presence to experience.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE LOVE FIRST TIME APPLICANTS, but strongly encourage them to reach out to the Council in advance of submitting their application. This is to ensure they are including all necessary components of the application, and to give first-timers the best possible chance to receive a grant.

FY22 Local Guidelines


The project must address local needs benefiting the Andover community.

The application must name a lead artist, scholar, or scientist.

A confirmed date and venue is preferred, however given uncertainties, changing conditions, and requirements surrounding COVID, we understand that is currently not always possible. If that is the case, we request you make note of that in your application.

The project must include support letters from key partners (for example, collaborators, partner organizations, venue partners, municipal and permitting agencies if appropriate). Applications will not be considered without this information.

The project must satisfy ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements.

The project budget must be balanced, realistic and accurate, with as much detail as possible at the time of the application. Include all income with notations about whether that income is confirmed, pending, or an identified opportunity.

The project must be able to proceed with partial funding.

The ACC only accepts online applications.

Field trip requests will only be considered from school groups. Funds may not be used for transportation costs.

How Grant Recipients Are Paid

Reimbursement Grants

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