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Time Again for National History Day in Massachusetts

Diane Daily, Program Manager

a group of young people walking in a ceremonial parade
Massachusetts students participate in the 2019 National History Day nationals winners ceremony parade.

Calling students and teachers who love history – National History Day (NHD) guides students in grades 6-12 through a year of historical research and inquiry, interpretation, and creative expression. Harnessing the effectiveness of student-centered, project-based learning, students conduct primary- and secondary-source research on a historical topic of their choosing and present their work as a documentary film, website, performance, paper, or exhibit. Students can showcase their projects at local, regional, state, and national competitions.

Massachusetts Historical Society (MHS), the sponsor of National History Day in Massachusetts, supports students and teachers throughout the NHD journey. MHS offers robust resources that help students locate historical sources, develop effective research strategies, and prepare projects for competition. And they equip teachers with best practices and tools for teaching NHD.

National History Day makes history relevant, engaging, and meaningful for students. In a single project, NHD addresses state standards for history and social science and the civic learning requirement, while honing important 21st-century skills. The NHD program:

  • Boosts student performance across all subjects
  • Improves media literacy, writing, research, and critical thinking skills
  • Prioritizes inquiry-based, hands-on learning
  • Fosters an understanding of and appreciation for democracy
  • Inspires meaningful civic action and engagement

This year, to guarantee a reliable and safe contest schedule during COVID-19, the competition season will again be structured as a state-wide virtual competition.

NHD registration opens on January 15, 2021. Learn more and download the NHD 2020-2021 Calendar.

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