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Our Case Statement for Increased Public Investment in Arts & Culture

Bethann Steiner, Communications Director

Legislative Case Statement 2020 Cover ArtMass Cultural Council seeks a state appropriation of $20 million for FY21, a $2 million increase from the current fiscal year. The Council will invest these resources into a portfolio of programs and services that enhance, support, and promote the cultural sector in every corner of the Commonwealth.

Data shows that a robust investment in the arts, humanities, and sciences through Mass Cultural Council delivers significant returns to the Commonwealth. Whether in Greater Boston, Cape Cod, the Berkshires or in between, nonprofit cultural organizations drive local economies in every region of the state. Further, the nonprofit organizations supported by Mass Cultural Council:

  • Generate $2.3 billion in annual economic activity.
  • Support more than 71,000 full-time-equivalent jobs statewide.
  • Produce more than $128 million in new revenues for Massachusetts.
  • Raised an additional $157 in private funds for every public dollar awarded.

Read complete FY21 budget request (PDF).

Mass Cultural Council has also released a case statement on the benefits of arts and cultural funding to the state’s economy, communities, and the education of our young people – and what long-term reinvestment in Mass Cultural Council’s work can accomplish. We will be sharing these updated figures with the Massachusetts Legislature this budget season along with our FY21 budget request.

Download the Case Statement

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