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NEFA’s Creative Playground for LCCs & Cultural Districts

Ricardo Guillaume, Program Officer

screenshot of the top of CreativeGround's home page
Section of CreativeGround’s home page

We get it, you’re busy. If you’re a Local Cultural Council (LCC) member, you’ve got council programs to plan and community input survey results coming in hot. If you’re a Cultural District manager, contracts are flying left and right while you implement projects to activate your block. Sure, you want to find new applicants for the next grant cycle or have a list of new venues for district events, you just don’t have the time to look. Enter CreativeGround: the ultimate database for LCCs and Cultural Districts to find what they’re looking for, compliments of New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA).

Don’t re-invent the wheel. CreativeGround is New England’s community-generated online arts and culture directory that provides a merry-go-round of connections to artists, organizations, and all other members of the creative ecosystem in your tree house or the park across town.

screenshot of the CreativeGround search results page - a grid of 6 profile pictures and brief intro text about the profile
Example CreativeGround search results page

LCC members, new artists and organizations who may not know about your council are now just a click away. Search for them, contact them, and encourage them to apply when the next cycle opens – bringing new and unique funded projects to your jungle gym.

Any Cultural Districts out there thinking about becoming a 501c3 nonprofit? On CreativeGround, you can search for someone with experience serving arts organizations in legal matters to help you slide through the process with ease.

The platform is free to use, and the 30,000 profiles are user-generated and maintained, so you can search with confidence that the information you find is being updated in real-time.

A few ways to swing through CreativeGround’s playground:

  • Create a profile for your LCC or Cultural District to increase visibility
  • Find new artists and organizations to engage with
  • Find potential new members with certain skills to join your LCC or district team
  • Centralize your community’s assets
  • Do asset mapping – create a list of cultural stakeholders in your area to partner with

Go make new friends (and a profile), hit the sand lot, and dig into CreativeGround.

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