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Join Us for a Culture Chat

Anita Walker, Executive Director

Nothing finishes off a meal like a little sweet bite. My Dad always said that to my Mom. It was his way of making sure there was always dessert in the house.

With everyone working from home, trying to come up with a new twist on bologna sandwiches at lunch time, let us offer a sweet bite to finish it off. In fact, a couple of times a week, we’ll even Zoom it over.

We’re launching a special new series on Zoom called “Culture Chats,” where we highlight the power of culture through resilience, adaptation, agility, and innovation.

It’s meant to be a break from the gloom of the coronavirus, a little bit of sunshine to remind us all that the arts and culture are alive and well, if not necessarily in the theaters and venues where we’re used to finding them. It’s not surprising that our creatives have already found ways to break through the rubicon of social distancing. Remote doesn’t have to mean removed. It’s just a remake of our work to fit a virtual world.

Please join us and invite your friends! Each chat will be just 30 minutes in length. A short burst of delight for these gloomy days.

Upcoming Culture Chats

Find upcoming Culture Chats on our Agency Dates page.

Recorded Culture Chats

Have a suggestion for an inspiring, energetic guest? Let us know.

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